Daniel Craigs first image Balder, Thors brother discarded in Doctor Strange 2

Daniel Craig , the famous English actor who h given life to James Bond in the lt stage of the famous secret agent, had to appear in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of madness part of the Illuminati, although due to the pandemic situation in the United Kingdom during part of the production, it finally left the project. Now, we have a first look of the actor dressed in the armor of Balder el Bravo next to his imposing sword, Thor’s medium-brother that should be the counterpart of the god of thunder in the famous scene of Doctor Strange 2. This is collected by means such The Direct after the original publication of the Marvel artist responsible for a look of the actor that we will never see in real action.

Thus should be Daniel Craig’s appearance in Doctor Strange 2


And it is that although there were plans for Daniel Craig to join the ct of the Illuminati for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of madness, the Pandemia of the COVID-19 truncated these plans. Finally, and thanks to the shoots of the film, the figure of Balder el Bravo w replaced by Reed Richards , a fanttic Mr. who w finally played by the actor John Kaminski in the face of surprise and satisfaction of the fans, who had been claiming that actor for years.

Balder el Bravo! Too bad this character did not go beyond this watercolor. You all know the story. And, if not, you just have to look for her online, wrote the artist Darrell Warner of Marvel in his Instagram account. Returning to the character that Daniel Craig, Balder el Bravo should interpret, is a powerful gardian ** half-mother of Thor who h starred several stories with the god of thunder.

Will we see Daniel Craig at the UCM one day? Either Balder the Bravo or another character, it is clear that Kevin Face had plans for the actor in said superhero universe. Recall that in the pt some rumors placed Daniel Craig possible Magneto , Captain Britannia or even Norman Osborn .