Conjinwon operates the Korean Joint Hall in the board game fair Spill 2022

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (Minister Park Boleyn), the Korea Content Agency (Director CHO Hyundai, Corn Pinion), and the korea board game Industry Association will be at the German Essen Board Game Fair (2022 Essen Spiel), the world’s largest board game event since the 6th. The Korea Communication Center was operated and introduced five domestic companies to local buyers in Europe.

◆ 5 representative K-board game companies show the game to 140,000 visitors, 203 contract consultation

Starting in 1983, the 39-year tradition, Spill, is a festival where board game companies and fans around the world gather in October. As of this year, about 980 companies and 140,000 visitors from 56 countries visited.

Condition operated the Korea Community at the Spiel 2022 site for the purpose of strengthening the global competitiveness of K-board games, establishing a base for overseas expansion, and promoting the export industry. Domestic companies that participated as an exhibition booth were actively promoting various types of board games from educational to party type with five game companies in Game Loki, Dared, Mandy Games, Gem Blow, and Popcorn EDU. During the event, the Korea Communications Hall has achieved 203 contract counseling with buyers from all over the world.

◆ ◆ SPIEL exhibition is scheduled to actively promote K-board game overseas exports

Condition attracted visitors’ attention by conducting on-site promotions to promote K-board games. Visitors and buyers visited the booth by promoting on-site promotion using banners near the Korea Booth.

In addition, Condition helped overseas board game publishers and buyers through joint business meeting rooms, local interpreters, and assistant personnel for exhibition operation and export consultation. In addition, the korea board game Industry Association, which is the host company, conducted the analysis of the size of the national joint ministers, the analysis of the promotional plan, and the business trend survey.


Lee Tangshan, general manager of On Jin-won, said, The board game that can be enjoyed by a few people indoors after Corona 19 is becoming a play culture that can be enjoyed by both families and friends. We will actively support them to expand beyond Korea and to reach around the world.