All places of Ursuly crystals in the Dreamlight Disney Valley

In Disney Dream light Valley, you can perform many quests, but there is a special quest that can be performed with Ursula. Fortunately, this quest is quite simple, since you need to collect only three items. And we will tell you where to find them.

How to complete the quest Transaction with Ursula in Disney Dream light Valley

The completion of this quest will give you a couple of rare goodies. Here’s what you need to do to start and complete the quest Transaction with Ursula:

Access Dazzl-Beach , where Ursula lives. Unlock it by completing the Merlin quest.
Reach Friendship level 10 with Ursula, where she will then give you the quest Transaction with Ursula.
Find all the three remaining dark crystals and place them on the pedestals in forgotten lands.
Take a new crystal which is created Return to Ursula . It will give you the objects of Poor Unfortunate Eric and Sea Witch Gown.


All locations of crystals for Ursula in the Drimlinite Valley

Disney Dream light Valley has several biomes. This may complicate the knowledge of the locations on the map. To know where to go when you find these dark crystals, Look at your card clicking m on your keyboard. Here are all the locations of dark crystals:

  • The first dark crystal is already on the pedestal in forgotten lands.
    The second dark crystal is in the sun-flooded plateau . It will be located on side of the pond K to the west of the bridge .
    The third dark crystal to the right of the front door of Mother Hotel . You can find her house in the middle of the ditches in Poland confidence by boom.
    Finally, the fourth dark crystal can be found in frosty heights by boom. Look to the right from the north bridge * in the region.

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