Bayonetta 3 draws technical chest and dazzles visually at the time of the witches, his latest trailer

The final stretch is underway, Bayonet ta 3 will arrive at October 28 and the expectation is maximum. The lt revealed trailer shows to Platinum in full form. The study, with somewhat irregular quality works in recent times (they have proven to be able to stumble loudly), it seems that it will put things in their place doing justice to such an important franchise for both them and for * for * Nintendo*.


A trailer that is pure bayonet ta

After a dramatic start and matching music, the trailer quickly pses to the usual festive tone in the saga. The graphic level looks better than ever in the short plans, and the kinematics and the gameplay follow each other without rest.

We see the different controllable characters between advances in history, and we are shown a spider that, through balance sheets, gives the impression that will be a pleure to the controls. Palmetto allies also look like a huge singing frog and the usual struggle scenes from flying elements. In the background, a song of a tremendous intensity and emotion that we look like, we will burn listening with helmets in our players.

The action looks little, a brand of the house, well the exaggerated baroqueism in its artistic direction. To finish, the Spanish location fits like a glove with the innate cholera of the characters with the witch in front.

We go home, we give the octopus and end up with all this move.

We leave you without further delay with the trailer, you will enjoy it. And be careful, see it, which h hidden surprise in its lt seconds . With all of you, Bayonet ta 3: The time of the witches.

Amazing, right? the wait is going to be eternal, you can read while our first impressions in a recent article. Are you like us wanting to put your hands on the game?