FIFA 23 in maintenance? Connection errors, bugs and how to track server status

FIFA 23 was released recently and has already had maintenance that it ended up leaving the offline server for a moment. As with previous franchise games, it is common to get problems with server while an unscheduled update arises from bugs.

FIFA server status 23: Is there any in progress?


On Wednesday, October 5, 2022, there was a long maintenance in FIFA 23 between 3 and 4 am (asília time) . This eak was planned and enabled the correction of some bugs. To prepare for updates, FIFA servers are therefore voluntarily placed offline .

Above, the EA Twitter account that warns when the servers are under maintenance. If you follow her, remember to pay attention to the schedules that are usually posted on the UTC spindle. That is, in this case, decrease 3 hours to know the time in azil (spindle of asília).

In addition to leaving the page above as a tip to know if the server is offline, we will also try, when possible, inform this text when the servers are working or under maintenance.

Maintenance and Patch of October 5: What’s new in FIFA 23?

Now that the servers are back, here are the corrections that were made in FIFA 23:

  • Reduced penalty kicks when the circle is red or yellow;
  • Increased the velocity of the technical dribble animation for players with fewer points in the dribble attribute. The change will be more noticeable for players with a grade below 90;
  • The referees will now have a lower tendency to score absences due to collisions related to the players’ arms;
  • Referees will now be a greater tendency to issue yellow cards for absences committed with aggressive disarms.