A melee shooter with evasion, Sena 2 new hero Colt appeared

On the 14th, Net marble added a new legendary plus hero, ‘Bette Dancer Colt’ to Seven Knights 2.

Bette Dancer Colt is a shooting hero who is close to PVP and is a dealer who can survive through evasion. He causes fixed damage to the enemy and can survive at close range with evasion and camouflage skills.

At the same time, he added a pounding masterpiece to the memory of the hero, the EVE content. The memory of the hero is a content that checks the individual story of the hero and proceeds with the quest. The pounding masterpiece, which consists of seven stages, contains the story of Dark Knights and Plato’s finding abyss nucleus.

It also added a pet dispatch system. If you dispatch a pet that meets the conditions of each region, you can get gold and mythical upgrade.


Net marble will celebrate this update ‘Special Operation of Colt!’ Colt’s gun, Colt’s radio, which is dropped in the neglected field, can be collected to produce legendary hero options, sun stone, rune dungeon entry tickets, and Hero Summon Tickets. In addition, until October 27, the Pet Dispatch Special Mission will be able to obtain rare-legendary pet summons and myth reinforcement.

For more information, please visit the Seven Knights 2 official website.