Halloween Ends successfully starts at the North American box office

The Halloween night (1978) of John Carpenter is a milestone of horror cinema that in the 70s set the bes of the slher with the iconic but more ruthless the killing of Tex (1974) by Tone Hooper. Its beginning, which works a small horror story, is one of the best starts in the history of genre. But its end?

Michael Myers, the immortal murderer

Killer with a mk that transmits epsis, absolute lack of feelings (more significant than that of hockey that would wear Jon, the pupil of him Friday 13), Michael Myers is one of the great monsters of horror movies. He not only created school with his mk, something imitated to satiety; Also by his victims, usually teenagers, for the firm and safe step of him, and of course, for being hard to kill.

Immortal murderer, Michael always gets up what they do. And that h made movies arrive one after another where it unsuccessfully tries to end him. The presence of him on the screen exceeds the dozen films, including several reboots. This lt stage seems to come to an end with expeditious title, Halloween Ends, and counts in the final duel with the original leading, the dear Jamie Lee Curtis , to which he h been ching all his life.

Well, it seems that its premiere in the United States is going to the stern, because it h raised 5.4 million dollars in Thursday’s preschool , exceeding the 4.8 that made the previous delivery, Halloween Kills. After that, terror will extend to more than 3900 cinem throughout the country. With a budget of 20 million, it is expected to win more than 55 in these three days weekend.

It remains to be seen if the figures at the end of their journey exceed 255 million of the Halloween that began this new stage in 2018, and the 131 that made the second part, remember, still with the ghost of the pandemic fluttering through the rooms. It is clear that, by forects, it seems that the film is more than amortized. Nor do we doubt that, if it exceeds the other two deliveries, we will continue to have Michael Myers for a while.