LOL: A Riot worker talks about Zeris Rework, but the news is not good

League of Legends has lived a particularly quiet season. There were hardly any complaints from the community regarding the state of equilibrium of the video game from the introduction of patch 12.10. An unprecedented calm in the history of the Riot Games video game that was only interrupted with Yuri’s complicated situation and, above all, with the premiere of Zero . The champion will go down in history as the company’s greatest failure in terms of equilibrium and even a radical decision was made: to make intentionally the worst character of the game to appear as little as possible in the games.

An employee of Riot Games talks about Zero’s situation

Of course, the solution is only temporary. However, it is dilating over time much more than I would like a good part of the community, and it does not seem that the solutions will arrive soon. Since its Nerf in version 12.16 it has remained around 43% of victories and an employee of Riot Games has expressed that there are still no great advances: Zero is not in a good situation, I say it without Bookings. We do not want me to continue with that ‘Win Rate’, but we have to be very careful, explained Riot True.

We have to respect people who want to play Zero, he is a unique champion in the game, and we have to keep it as faithful as possible (to his original version). There must be a point where it is competitive with the rest of League of Legends champions while it is fine in the professional game. It is very difficult, but it is our work. I can assure you that We are trying right now . Even so, we are going to make sure you are ready before showing anything to the players, he continued explaining this Riot Games employee.

On the one hand, it comforts to know that Riot Games has already got to work with his project to renew Zero. On the other, is a real pity that the situation advances at such a slow pace . The developers do not usually cut to advance details or talk about dates when the releases are close, so except there is a big surprise prepared we would not have big changes for the shooter until it is well entry next season. In addition, it seems that they will be great-draft adjustments that may not like all League of Legends players.