Steam Ocean ADV & sushi restaurant management game Dave the Diver early access has started and has been performing well. Due to diving in the afternoon, dual life of sushi restaurants at night

On October 27, the developer Mint rocket launched the early access distribution of the marine adventure and sushi restaurant management game Dave the Diver on a PC. The price is 2400 yen, and it can be purchased for 2160 yen, 10%off until November 3rd. The game is supported by Japanese display. At the moment, it is still about two days since the delivery, but this work seems to be strong as soon as possible.

Dave the Diver is a combination of marine adventure games set in the sea called Blue Hall and management simulations at a sushi restaurant near it. Diver’s Dave is invited by a business partner’s cobra to work for a sushi craftsman’s Sancho. In the daytime, they dive into the sea and catch fish, and at night they work as a sushi restaurant employee to provide customers with the fish.

Blue Hall is a mysterious sea that changes the terrain and ecology every time you dive. Various fish, including the actual type, are swimming, and are captured using a harpoon while paying attention to the remaining amount of oxygen cylinders. At the sushi restaurant, we decided on a sushi menu that will be served that night based on the fish caught in the daytime. When the store opens, the customers come and place an order one after another, so the sushi held by Sancho is served as ordered. Don’t forget to replenish the wasabi regularly. Also, if a customer orders green tea, if you succeed in pouring the appropriate amount, you will pay more.

Then, while making a profit, they manage by repairing the store or hiring other employees. It is said that special customers may come as the reputation of the store increases. In addition, you may be asked to capture certain types of fish, which can also be rewarded. In addition, in the sea, it is necessary to encounter dangerous unknown creatures, and it is necessary to strengthen the Dave equipment.

At this time, this work has won the very popular status, which is popular with 94%of Steam user reviews. It seems that it has been evaluated for games and sushi provisions, games that work well in the store’s management, beautiful sea expressions with dotted picture visuals, and diving experiences that can be enjoyed relatedly. Because there are many conversation scenes, the relatively good Japanese localization quality is also a nice point for Japanese.

Also, when checking the number of simultaneous connection players in this work, the number gradually extended from the launch, and has recently exceeded 2,200 people (Steam db). The developer MinT rocket is a Studio under NIXON, but has not yet achieved a track record, and seems to have been a good start from the size of the work.


This work can play four chapters, including prologue, at this time, when early access distribution has just started. The main game systems are implemented, including more than 100 kinds of fish and more than 40 weapons and items. And as the development is proceeding in the future, more chapters and new content items will be added. It is said that the balance will be adjusted. He is aiming for the official release in the first half of 2023.

Dave the Diver is being distributed early for PC (Steam).