Mobile game ‘Myeongil Ark’

-Stooltipera Davis from November 3rd, various rewards and events

-Payment of the main story ‘Shatter Point’ before the new event, the reward when the challenge is completed

-This starts on the 29th, animation ‘Jean Song of Dawn’

Yo Star, a global game company, announced today that it will hold a new event of the mobile defense RPG developed by Hypertrophy and will be held on November 3rd.

At the ‘Study Hera Davis’ event, new operators, event stages, attendance events, and mining events will be presented.

In particular, new operators such as Iberia’s judge ‘Irene’, ‘Lumen’ and ‘Winslet’, which also appeared in the previously popular character ‘Specter’, and ‘Lumen’ and ‘Winslet’ It is expected to meet.

Prior to this new event, on the 19th, the main story episode 10 “ Shatter Point ” was opened, showing Victoria’s various conflicts following the last 9 chapters, increasing the immersion of users.

In addition, a variety of rewards were given to users who challenged the stage and released the contents of the Unnamed Note, or a variety of rewards were paid to the users who participated in the limited drop event.

In addition, four new operators such as ‘Hon’, ‘Rock’, ‘Hide’, and ‘Chestnut’ appeared, and Korean dubbing was added to the operators such as ‘Pamela’ and ‘Golden Glow’, and module updates and headhunting were also optimized.

Meanwhile, Yo-Star began to air animation ‘Dawn’s Jean Song’ through Ann ifs on the 29th.

‘Jean of the Dawn’ is a work of Watanabe Yuzuki, the producer of To Star Pictures, and the developer Hyper Grief.

In addition, the opening theme song was sung by Mongol Ark and Japanese singer Leona, who was deeply loud, and was well received for expressing the worldview of Mongol Ark, which does not give up hope even in the whirlpool of despair and sadness.

More details can be found on the official site.