Yu-Gi-Oh duels! closer to being in anime thanks to this invention

Who does not remember with love the spectacular at the same time that iPadOS Duels del Anime Yu-Gi-Oh! ? Well today we are one step closer to being able to replicate them in real life. A streamer h created a system that allows him to show via augmented reality to the monsters that he invokes while playing the popular card game of INAMI . Just below we tell you what it consists of:


This is the system that invokes Yu-Gi-Oh monsters! In real life

The French streamer Superzouloux h been the architect of this peculiar invention. usually makes direct yu-gi-oh card game! He thought about giving him a whing in the face of his streams. And often face whing. In this video he comments the entire process:

The idea is very simple: through its multi-free set, Superzouloux h created a system that makes, every time it invokes a monster of its deck/deck, there is a small change of camera and the monster in question appears through a small animation. The streamer clarifies that h only done this with the monsters he h in his own Deck , but still remains a fairly commendable work with a very dignified result. In this other video clip it is better summarized:

At the moment we write this news, Yu-Gi-Oh! It h more than ten thousand letters different between monsters, magical and traps, so imagine the titanic work that would have to be done to have all the possibilities through this system.

In the anime and the manga of Yu-Gi-Oh! And its multiple sequela, The monsters come alive thanks to the solid vision system , a fictional technology that are bically hyperrealistic holograms . What Superzouloux h created intends to emulate this characteristic yu-gi-oh!

Kabuki Takanhi , the creator of this popular manga later turned into a multimillionaire franchise, died lt July. The most recent video games of the Yu-Gi-Oh saga! They are Cross Duel (2022), Mter Duel (2022) and Rush Duel: Dawn of the Battle Royale !! (2021).