Arc Games, Mobile MMORPG Leone voice actor making film release

Arc Games unveiled the voice actor making film and recommendation video of the mobile MMORPG ‘Leon: Legend of Neverland (Leon)’, which is about to be released.

The video shows the popular voice actor who participated in the character voice dubbing. First, the video shows the voice actor’s recording at the dubbing site so that you can listen to some attractive character lines such as ‘Atrium’, ‘Chestnut Rose’ and ‘Salon’.

In addition, in the recommendation video, ‘Atrium’ role Kim Young-sun from the voice actor Kim Ye-rim, ‘Chestnut Rose’, Moon Yo-jong, ‘Salon’ station non-Juan Reverse Choir Byung-soo’s voice actor revealed his feelings about dubbing and expectations for the game.

An official of the Ark Games said, We have released Leon’s voice actor making film and recommendation video. I think that thanks to the voice actor who played the voice dubbing of Leon’s character, he will be able to show more complete games. We will try to showcase a game that meets Korea’s popular voice actors and 1 million people.