What do lights mean in senatorial pods in Andor? Galaxies War explained

The Senate has been part of many Star Wars television movies and television programs. His last appearance was in the ninth episode of Ardor, no one is listening. There is a scene in which Senator Mon Mothma speaks against imperial overreach in the Imperial Senate. Some senatorial capsules light begin to go out. Why? What do Andorra senatorial capsules mean?

What is the meaning of the lights in the senatorial capsules? Answered

The lights of the senatorial pods are lit when there is a senator in them. The lights that go out mean that these senators are leaving their groups, since they are against everything Mon Mothma says and want to show their disagreement in the best possible way. That’s why they are also screaming.

Mon Mothma is receiving all this hatred because he speaks against imperial overreach and the directive of new public order judgment. Being vocal and belligerent during your speech and leaving the capsules of the Senate is the easiest and most striking way for senators to express their disagreement with the cause of Mon Mothma, since everyone follows the ideas and measures of Emperor Palatine.

They are following the example of Palatine because since it became Emperor, the Senate has been losing influence, and this scene represents, perfectly, the degradation of democratic institutions under their authoritarian regime.

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