The evolution version of the Wolf Game is 990 yen! The price of the battle mystery synt CrimeSight price is revised

INAMI Digital Entertainment has revised the price of the battle mystery simulation Limelight .

This work is an evolved version of London, a Wolf Game set in London in 2075, in which AI, which predicts the vicious crime of the future from all information on the network, has been practical. The player will be divided into the AI SHERLOCK camp and the AI MORIARTY camp to stop and achieve the murder plan.

In the game, the murderer Killer, the victim target, and PAWN in the simulation space. The SHERLOCK camp controls the behavior of Pawn and prevents the murder plan while inserting who the killer and target are. The MORIARTY camp will be able to move Pawn stronger than the SHERLOCK camp and meet some conditions to achieve the murder plan.

The game can be played by up to 4 people from two people. It is said that stamps and ping are implemented and easy to play without using words.

LIMELIGHT is being distributed for PC (Steam). The regular price is 990 yen, which can be purchased for 792 yen until November 15th.