Ark: survival evolved

This is Blight: Survival, a brutal cooperative medieval roguelite that sweeps its first gameplay trailer

From time to time new video games arise that quickly become viral on the Internet, either because of their visual spectacularly, for their shocking proposal or for what it can offer for the future. And it seems that Blight: Survival combines all these virtues if we attend to the stir caused in networks a result of the recent publication of its first gameplay trailer , a brutal 5-minute video that you can see on these lines and that immerses us in its dark medieval world ravaged by death .

Blight: Survival and its first gameplay trailer

Of course, the proposal of Hair Studio leaves no one indifferent. In essence, BLIGHT: Survival w born a Survival Action Adventure Cooperative Horror for up to 4 players, with a third-person combat, exploration in an open world and elements Rogue lite , all framed in a medieval world ravaged by zombies in the fourteenth century. In addition, and thanks to the use of the graphic engine Unreal Engine 5 and its spectacular graphic, a very cinematographic staging is added to the equation.

The goal of the game is simply survive . Survive one more day to walking death while we end up with our enemies-whether they are human or not dead-we seek resources and equipment and complete the different scenarios that the adventure poses. All this thanks to a small team of developers who began on their way with a very premature version of Blight: Survival shown through TikTok long ago and who have managed to put the first stone of a future launch with their official page in Steam, which is already available.

While we will still take to see a version 1.0 of this new title-who knows if they will previous One of the most desired titles of the genre of the next times.