How to win Chaos Emeralds in Sonic Frontiers

The Emeralds Chaos have been at the forefront of many Sonic games, and Sonic Frontiers is no exception. This time, they play a crucial role not only in the plot, but also in the central cycle of the game. If you are looking for clarification about how to win emeralds of chaos in Sonic Frontiers Continue reading.

Winning Chaos Emeralds in Sonic Frontiers

In each open world section of Sonic Frontiers, the emeralds of chaos are locked in structures called vaults. These are splashed in each area and, faithful to their name, require a collectible element called Vault Keys to access.

Wearing Vault Keys requires that the player play through cyberspace levels, the most linear stages found in Sonic Frontiers, which link the open world and cyberspace segments as part of the main means of progression of the game.

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Each cyberspace level has a set of five attached missions. In all cases, these missions are:

  • Achieve the goal
  • Delete with the range time (changes per level)
  • Delete with x rings (changes per level)
  • Find all Red Star rings
  • Complete the 4 missions!

It is important to keep in mind that Each mission rewards you with a vault key, but completing the four missions will grant you three additional keys as a reward for completely completing them . Deleting all of them will require absolutely multiple routes for some levels of cyberspace, but the reward of multiple keys well is worth the investment of extra time.

After getting the required number of Vault Keys, the player can take Sonic to the emerald of the closest chaos. They are a bit difficult to overlook the colorful beam of light emitting to heaven once they are available.

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Once you get to one, it is a simple matter of approaching the emerald and pressing a button. This will eliminate the established amount of Vault Keys from its inventory in exchange for the emerald of chaos.

Although this is the main method for winning Chaos Emeralds in Sonic Frontiers, some of them are also granted to the player for completing certain inevitable mini-games found in the main story.

And that was a quick guide that details How to unlock emeralds of chaos in Sonic Frontiers . If you want to better understand how to access the aforementioned cyberspace levels, be sure to consult our guide on that. If you want some tips on how to win skill points at Sonic Frontiers, also covers it there.

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