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Meta Bus Entertainment held Tech Conference 2022 on November 10th

Metals Entertainment, a subsidiary of Net marble F & C (CEO SEO Woo-won), announced that it will hold ‘Tech Conference 2022’ at the Belgium Jazz Café in Samsung-dong, Seoul on November 10 at 8 pm.

‘Tech Conference 2022’ is a place where core developers of Metals Entertainment, which develops digital human production and VFX (special effects) projects, will introduce developing know-how.

The first section is lecture by King Sung, head of Meta Bus Entertainment TD, under the theme of ‘Unreal Meta Human’s Rick Logic Facial Rick’. The lecture will unveil the case of digital human rigging (skeleton structure) using unreal engine and to develop its own tools by Meta Bus Entertainment for more detailed digital human development.

In the second section, Kim John will explain the basic concept of the image engine’s open source program ‘Gaffer’ by the Meta Bus Entertainment VFX room, and will live a live automation of large-scale shots required in dramas and movies. Through this, Kim Guinean introduces the vfx pipeline, which is being built at Meta Bus Entertainment.

The third section was played by Alex Fuller, who gained various experiences in the North American visual effect studio ‘Image Engine Design’. Alex Fuller introduces the USD (Universal Scene Description) standard prepared by Metals Entertainment, and uses a USD demo file released by the world’s famous VFX Studio Animal Logic in Gaffer and Cycles The USD format will be demonstrated.

This conference can be participated by anyone interested in digital human production and VFX, and participation will be accepted through the Meta Bus Entertainment Facebook page.

Meanwhile, Meta Bus Entertainment, founded in 2021, is a company that develops digital human production, virtual idol management and VFX business. Metals Entertainment produced a high quality digital human ‘Lina’ by supporting and automating real-time processes and existing VFX processes, and VFX Studio joined the core talents who participated in various projects in Hollywood, and the 20-year film production know-how The melted work pipeline has been introduced. More information about the company can be found on the official website.