Tactical RPG Tactics Ogreborn Released -The masterpieces of the past are revived in the modern environment!

Square Enix has launched a tactical RPG Tactics Bourbon for PS5/PS4/Nintendo Switch/Windows PC (Steam).

This work is a tactical RPG with an original Tactics Ogre, an episode 7 of Yoga Battle Saga, which was released for Super Nintendo in 1995. Set in Valeria, where the dispute is constant, the three ethnic conflicts, various conspiracy and ambition are drawn, and the fate of the hero’s youth, denim, and the fate of the country itself is left to the choice of players.

Based on the Tactics Olga Fate Ring, which is reconstructed for PSP, incorporating new systems and abundant elements released in 2010, power up in graphics, sounds, and game design, and immediately power up in the times. It is a work finished as a game. Users who once played Tactics Yoga provide an unprecedented experience for users who play for the first time beyond memories.

Tactics Ogre born is on sale on PS5/PS4/Nintendo Switch/Windows PC (Steam). The Steam version is unlocked on November 12. GAMESPARK publishes an original, comparison article with the PSP version, and special features such as play repo by Uncle Yeshiva.