Iem Rio Major: I do not mind that we are treated as misfortune, says JDC, from Mouz

One of the biggest surprises of IEM Rio Major 2022, the first CS: GO of history held in azil, Moue is already in the semifinals of the most important Valve FPS championship and seems not to care much about zea condition. By eliminating Cloud9 turned on Thursday (10), the European team has oken down one of the main favorites to the title and showed that being a bad luck in the major is not a condition that intimidates JDC’s team, Dexter, Frozen, Torso and Exertion.

In an interview with MGG azil, Jon ADC by Castro pointed out that although Moue has no player among CS: GO World Crowd Stars today, the team has the humility to work hard and good atmosphere in and Out of the game Like two of the main factors for the rise of the quintet towards the top 4 of a major.

Everyone on our team has a very open mindset to listen to criticism, suggestions and improve within the game. We are not a team of superstars, with 1 or 2 players shining much more than others, so I don’t mind being treated as Step sometimes. Everyone has their time to shine, deciding games, as happened in this major. We have a lot of humility to work and a great atmosphere in and out of play, so we are managing to overthrow favorites, and we get to the semifinal. I hope we continue So, and we can win the title here, he said.

Moue today is one of the few Tier 1 Worlds teams with five players of five different nationalities. JDC is German, Dexter, Australian, Frozen, Slovak, Torso, Bulgarian, and Exertion, Israeli. JDC points out that the mixture of cultures is not only a problem, but one of the main forces of Moue.

It’s not easy to build the environment we build with players of 5 different cultures, but I really believe it made us a stronger team. We have learned a lot from each other in and out of play, Frozen is the only native English speaker, and even if we sometimes face some small obstacles in communication, we can overcome this because we are all on the same page, working continuously and seeking to grow more and more. This major is not just our peak of the season, but the height of our careers, he stressed.

Passion of azilians for the game is contagious

Coming from the Challengers Stage, Moue is among the teams that most experienced the Caldera of Ribbentrop. JDC praised the passion of the azilian fans and classified it as contagious and admirable, and hopes the country continues to hold major events in the future. The Pro Player, however, also stressed that respect for all players is very important.

The crowd here is doing my first unforgettable major. We don’t always have most of the audience with us, but the energy coming from azilians is just amazing, and I can’t wait to play more tournaments here. I just think it’s perfectly understandable to demonstrate all This love and support for azilian teams, especially, but you need to have respect for all players and teams, even when you cheer against some of them. There were some excessive moments, but in general the azilian fans are simply fantastic. I never saw anything equal, he said.

About a possible final against the fury, which is on the opposite side of the key, JDC says that even with the crowd against the atmosphere would be insane but prefers not to nail the preference for one opponent or another. For the German Pro Player, the most important thing is to be in the final and give the best to go out with the major title.

I can’t deny that it would be amazing to face the fury in the final, but I don’t want to choose one or another opponent. If we catch the fury, Navy, Spirit or Heroic in the final, our passion and wish to win the major will be the same, But I know that having a azilian team in the final of azil’s first major is a kind of fairy tale for everyone here. If we reach the final and take the fury, it will be an unforgettable moment in my career, but obviously my greatest wish is to win, No matter who is in the final, concludes the Moue player