The new game of League of Legends creator already has a release date: it arrives right now

Although he was never the most media employee of Riot Games, Steve Peak is one of the great responsible for the existence of League of Legends . This developer, also known as Guinea, not only was part of the team that was in charge of carrying out the first versions of the video game that then arrived in a closed Alpha-shaped or launch edition, but also directed the original endow in which it was his most successful era. Now, with almost 15 years of experience in the genre, Alumina, next to the Hidden Leaf Games team, the premiere of his new title. These are Fangs, which will arrive for free and already has a release date.

The new free game of League of Legends

Throughout the last months we have told you about fangs repeatedly. A fighting title between teams of four players that follow the original premises of the Mob, but eliminating from the equation the phases of preparation of the games and focusing almost exclusively on a strategic combat with thousands of variables . It highlights above all the ability to customize the characters, which through different amulets can change their basic combat characteristics. For example, there are heroes focused on damage that can become healers based on these talismans.

Developed by the community and thanks to the comments collected for more than a year of playable tests available every fifteen days, now those responsible for Hidden Leaf Games have put the launch date to Fangs. The title will arrive in Steam and the Epic Games Store in the form of early access as of November 30 . A launch that will also be free since, very in the League of Legends or Data line, is based on the acquisition of cosmetic macrophages for their financing. The objective, in any case, is to focus almost completely on improving the game for its definitive launch in the last quarter of 2023.

During the early access period, Fangs will receive patches every two weeks to introduce equilibrium adjustments or new content. Among the most prominent aspects of the games is the fact that are played in independent rounds, so that there is no snowball effect or conditions that can put us at a large long-term disadvantage. The first to get a certain number of rounds and the result of each of them depends solely on our strategic approach and individual ability . An idea that, at least, is attractive and deserves a chance.