Why did the devil of eternity want to eat Denji in Chainsaw Man? Explained

The anime and manga Chainsaw Man has a wide range of threats faced by its protagonist Benji, and one of the most intimidating enemies from the beginning is Eternity Devil. Able to catch him and his allies until they agree to sacrifice Benji for his own survival, he had the best opportunity to put him in an early grave. However, his approach to Benji probably left him wondering: why did the demon of eternity want to eat Benji in Chainsaw Man? And what would he win in doing so?

We had the same question and, after investigating a little, we have some answers for you. However, to give a complete explanation, we will have to enter some spoilers in the main story.


Why does the devil of eternity try to eat Benji in Chainsaw Man? Explained

There were two main reasons why Eternity Devil wanted to eat Benji in Chainsaw Man, and were closely related to each other.

One of the reasons is that I was afraid to be erased by Chainsaw Devil’s powers. Near the end of the Safety public saga, it is revealed that any devil The Chainsaw Devil that consumes is erased from existence. This means that they will not be able to reincarnate even if people still fear them, and they will not return to the world until they are literally torn from the stomach of the Diablo chainsaw.

The devil of eternity is aware of this fact. Once Benji appeared in his hunting preserve, he felt cornered and as if his only option was to consume him to prevent Chainsaw Devil from devouring it and erased.

However, at the same time, this promoted the other reason why the demon of eternity wanted to eat Benji: if he consumed the demon chainsaw, he would become immensely more powerful. When combined with the power he already had due to the predominant fear of eternity among humanity, he would have become strong enough to exercise a much greater amount of control and influence on the world.

For both reasons, he offered to leave the rest of Division 4 in exchange for denying Benji. If it had succeeded, it would have become immensely more powerful and at the same time it would have eliminated a direct threat to its continuous existence in the world.

Hopefully this is clarified why the demon of eternity wanted to eat Benji in Chainsaw Man? To get more information about the series, see any of the articles related below. We also have many other explanatory guides for the universe of Chainsaw Man, including some about whether Wichita is dead or not, what is a demon and what Power’s 76.1 shirt means.

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