LOL: Elon Musk, the last barrier to the rupture of TSM with its failed cryptocurrency sponsorship

TSM broke the League of Legends market with a sponsorship in the world of cryptocurrencies. The 21 million annually that the entity presided by Andy Reginald Dish will be a number never seen in the world of electronic sports. However, a year and a half after reaching this agreement, TSM breaks relations with FTX.

This company was declared days ago in bankruptcy, so it could not be committed to paying all the debts that had pending, including those of the sponsorship with the Esports club. Through a statement, TSM announced this separation and that FTX would not appear anymore in any team or logo.

Although FTX was going to leave a great investment in the team as we said before, the club itself confirms that they will have no problem in the economic section and that they have the prepared road map that was set at the beginning of this 2022.


TSM cannot change your name for new Twitter policies

So that the situation was completely surreal and that a certain sector I said the mythical phrase of filming or they are recording me, TSM cannot change its name of Twitter header. After the statement, a user put better that Twitter name then, to which the company replied that unfortunately, at this time with the changes in Twitter verification, we cannot do it, with which it was filled of interactions and mockery about it.

The management of TSM in recent years in terms of club is more than questionable if we take into account that this entity is one of the most prestigious and reputed in North America. In addition to this failed sponsorship, internal practices within the company have allowed to be desired, with a toxic work environment and being sanctioned by Riot for this type of behavior.