New equipment farming, three types of regions in Ragnarok Dungeon


Gravity updated three new regions of Around Biospire Dungeon on Ragnarök on the 16th.

In the Around Bio Spear Dungeon, three regions were added, including temple, poison, and soul. Dungeons can be entered from the base level 240, and you can get new equipment Around Run Running, level 210 or higher equipment, and various ingredients. The Around Rune Ring can be imprinted with three Around runes using runes of the property, and can be enhanced by upgrading and enchanted.

In addition, some job level-up needs were adjusted, ‘I really like it’ achieved compensation, and added new costumes such as soccer balls and white tiger glasses.

Gravity will reproduce the Korean football semi-final myth in 22 years from 21st to December 18th !! The event is held. The acquisition experience increases by 30% during the group stage, and the growth of the experience value increases as the national team advances to the top round. In addition, on the day of Korea’s economy, 30 soccer cakes can be restored to HP and SP.

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