Laying against the BFC Eager beaver Chemie Leipzig defends itself


On Friday, chemistry announced on his site: We can not validate the new video game date on our part! The club continues from the Putsch district: We have notified the NOV in writing today that we will be unable to be not able to perform the game on a Tuesday night. Against the background that the tactical plan of the Regionally northeast the Leipzig police department and the Ministry of the Interior have been known for a number of months and the home game against the BFC Eager Beaver on November 26, 2022 is the only higher-class football game on this day in all of Saxony, we can do a short-term cop plan that is not identified as the organizer, not understand.

The BSG therefore reveals: We asked the NOV with a deadline for understanding the cops’ arrangement in order to have it inspected lawfully. The sale of the couple of staying tickets-in the Alfred-Kunze sports park, which is still readily available, might not have actually been stopped at regional league video games for the time being.

In the following passage why the Leipziger react so adverse the moving: Almost 4,000 tickets have actually so far been sold for the game, 500 Berlin visitors have actually prepared their arrival to Leipzig, the preparations and preparation of ticketing, catering, security service and fan project are running For days. A short-term relocation of such a game may not be an issue in the Bundesliga. In the regional league, the match day is still brought on the shoulders of lots of volunteers, for which a short-term installation to a Tuesday evening is just not broken.

Currently, last Tuesday, the course was set in one direction that the BSG Cherie Leipzig does not like at all: In the security conference for the local league home video game against the BFC Dynamo, which was initially scheduled for the 26th November had actually asked for a cancellation of the game from the Saxon Ministry of the Interior. Local management points out the factor that a number of presentations will take location in the Leipzig metropolitan location on that Saturday, for which you require all readily available cops forces. Repercussion: The video game of BSG Chemistry against the BFC Eager beaver is to be played the following Tuesday, November 29th.