Some players are king for refund after trying scarlet and purple pokemon

In this weekend Pokémon in which the lt deliveries, scarlet and purple have been releed, not all are joys on the part of the coaches. Some of them are requesting that the money be reimbursed because they have found that the game does not meet the quality standards in a matter of performance.

Great game, questionable performance

Despite being the Pokémon of the main saga worst valued according to Metacritic, the curious thing is that players and critics agree that it is a great installment of the series. we said in our analysis and this is corroborated by each other, the new freedom and open world approach is a total success that multiplies the possibilities never before.

The problem comes, then, how the game works in Switch, and you can find the answer in the hundreds of memes that now populate the networks. It is clear that Game Freak is not synonymous with graphically pointer, but scarlet and purple Pokémon seems to have gone one step further.


Low performance and multiple bugs talk about an unfinished game, which clhes with the supreme quality of Nintendo’s own relees. We sume that part of the fault of the result is due not only to the talent just of Game Freak with the hardware, but to multiply the work in the publications in a year.

Thus, those who say that the console does not give for more, you just have to teach them any of the portentous Port that populate an enviable catalog. From Wallenstein to Dying Light through the recent Near Automata, No Man’s Sky, or It Takes Two. Miracles all that make us doubt again and again of the alleged limited capabilities of this small hybrid console.

In this way, the ball is now on Game Freak’s roof that, we do not doubt, the batteries will be put to leave a game that deserves it with patches. Because it is a pity that the quality of the ide implemented is dazzled in this way. Courage and everything is fixed soon possible.