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A God of War Ragnaröks composer complains not to have been accredited in the game

Not all developers always appear in credits, a fact that certain sectors such location have highlighted. In the ce of God of War Ragnarök, one of the people who participated in the soundtrack h revealed on Twitter that she h not been accredited. According to Jessica Mao, they have informed him that he will not even appear via patch, since to do so he needs to meet minimal requirements.

Unfortunately, my name does not appear in the credits, and it seems that it cannot be added through a patch. I have been told that to be accredited my contribution to the game h to achieve ‘a minimum criterion’, he published. I still do not know what that criterion can be. The composer h not hidden her deep discomfort in this regard.

The artist feels disappointed

Knowing this h been terribly disappointing and discouraging, I would hate that any other would go through this. Game developers, plee accredit all those who participate in the development of the video game, is what makes sense.

Jessica Mao h worked on the edition, arrangements and the implementation of music at the Freya persecution scene and in the battle against Thor. The original mixture wpletely orchestrated, and the tone had to be reduced to grow in later phes, he explained. In one of the pieces of which most proud is eliminated all the instruments and prioritized percussion and voices, he commented on the tweet on these lines.


God of War Ragnarök is available on PS4 and PS5. The game developed by Santa Monica Studio is one of the game’s game candidates at The Game Awards 2022. The faces will be seen with titles such Elden Ring or Horizon Forbidden West.

One of the most beautiful stories in the video game is that they have honored a deceed developer, we publish in Meditation. You can read the game analysis on this link.