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Blade & Soul Resets Great Windwalk Race Leaderboards and Steps Up Bans After Cheating

After this, they issued some more bans and cautioned versus exploiting. Just like these types of investigations, the team is keeping details about how the make use of is done under wraps, so this may be one factor that the bans have at first been short-term ones. After having to reset the week 2 leaderboards, NCS oft has actually stepped up and stated that long-term bans are now on the table.


A few days after the occasion started, the team shared an update keeping in mind that they had discovered sometimes on the leaderboard that were impossible to get through normal play. They kept track of the situation and took some action against the gamers who were considered to have been cheating. In addition to getting rid of the scores that were undoubtedly the outcome of exploits, they brought back the week one leaderboard to the legitimate ranks, just to find people started cheating once again in week 2.

The Great Wind walk Race is expected to work this way. In that 30-minute duration, you will have to complete two quests in order to get a welcome to in fact take part in and complete the race. There are barriers and other things to get rid of, but basically you are attempting to rank on the leaderboards in order to score some benefits.

Blade & Soul just recently switched to preparing its major content updates for each other month, and offering smaller sized updates and events during the other 6 months. The first of these smaller event-based updates, The Great Wind walk Race, was released this month, and now the team is acting after some were found to have actually cheated and exploited their way onto the leaderboards.

For more on the scenario, see the update at Blade & Soul.