LOL: We design a new champion with artificial intelligence and the result is an unstoppable monster

There are very reasonable controversies regarding the use of artificial intelligence, but it is undeniable that these technologies have become a fascinating tool. Applications are almost infinite and even Riot Games will try to improve League of Legends using an AI that is able to automatically moderate the game chat. What we wanted to do is go one step further and imagine a dystopian world where the machines were in charge of the development of the video game and, more specifically, the creation of new champions.

The ‘new champion’ of League of Legends created by artificial intelligence

As many readers know, among the wide repertoire of artificial intelligence tools are those that generate text. Something we wanted to use to create a paper skills’ kit that even developers use as a touchstone in the process of creating new champions. To do this, we went to an artificial intelligence asking for what we wanted: A new League of Legends champion played in the Top Lane, adding as a subtitle a new character arrives at the invoked’s crack. We tried several tools, but we did not find an acceptable result until we use Cinematic AI.

Introducing the selected criteria, we find something quite interesting. First, artificial intelligence had not given us the champion’s skills, but a great idea. Somehow, AI decided that our character had skills capable of manipulating gravity that would allow him to float and plan on the battlefield. In addition, it would have a powerful Dash capable of knocking down enemies. In spite of everything, the funniest thing was the final message: This champion is still in development and his final skills’ kit could change until his launch. However, we are very excited with the novelties it brings to the video game!

The skills designed by artificial intelligence

Following these texts we were offered confused messages that did not seem to make any sense. We are left with the positive part and put aside the strange combination of later messages knowing that the free and free text still have a lot to improve (less bad than if I do not work out of work). However, we could give him a push and introduce new indications instead of telling him to make a new character and that’s it, we were more concrete. We introduce a new League of Legends champion with gravitational skills and subtitle Skills of the new League of Legends Top Lauder.

At this point we obtained a good result, or at least the best we were able to generate. The program forgot to add a passive to our character (we had to find it in a new search) and eliminated the ‘Dash’, but for that he had warned that the champion could change during development. However, he explained what his four skills were. In addition, AI herself added her uses in a game of League of Legends.

  • Q-Gravitational field: creates a field of gravity around the user that attracts enemies towards him. It can be used to open ambush and both defensively and offensive.
  • W-Gravitational blow: hits the ground creating a gravitation field that damages and demolishes the enemies. It can be used to clean waves of subjects or disorganize the enemy equipment.
  • E-Gravitational Barrera: Create a barrier in front of the champion that absorbs damage and slows the enemies. It can be used to survive in fights and help allies.
  • R-Hypergravity: Increase gravity around the user, damaging the enemies and slowing them down. It can be used as a form of execution or to control the space in group fights.


  • Passive-Gravity well: By attacking an enemy with a basic, a seriousness well is generated around it. This well will drag close enemies, inflicting damage in time. Additionally, the champion cures a percentage of the damage done.

The truth is that passive is absurd and this makes some sense knowing that we had to look for it separately (without the context of previous skills). As for the champion, there are some problems. The theme is simple, redundant skills and nothing is particularly novel, although it is an idea that does not exist in League of Legends. In addition, it is curious that you have given useful tools for everything. This character would clean waves, would have tons of adversaries control and damage. The only thing that would lack would be a little mobility. However, it could well be one of the best colossi in the video game.

Of course, artificial intelligence cannot solve the great problems of League of Legends.

However, we see some utility when making rain of ideas.
Everything is said and to our surprise, the results were much better in text than when we try to take it to the image.
Our main idea was to add an icon for all skills and even an image as a splash art but, directly, we have not been able to generate anything that had a minimum resemblance to Riot’s style.
The results, in general terms, have not been spectacular, and it seems that League of Legends developers still have work for the coming years.
However, the good thing about artificial intelligence technologies is that they are designed to improve over time, and who knows if repeating this experiment in a couple of years we could get a somewhat more satisfactory new champion.