This is the first Ferrari designed for eSports: more than 1,000 hp run out in Gran Turismo 7

Gran Tourism 7 continues to update its contents regularly with new vehicles, circuits, events and more, although its lt great novelty is a milestone in the Polyphony Digital driving franchise. So much so, that the new Ferrari Vision Gran Tourism h been presented, the first Sport-Prototype car specially designed for eSports by the brand of the rampant calling that h been announced coinciding with the grand final of the great tourism World Series 2022 Nation CUP and That will soon be available in the game. And it is a real phalt devoured with more than 1,000 hp that you can see with all details in the video headed by this news.

Thus looks and roars the first Ferrari designed for eSports

Thus, this new Ferrari Vision Gran Tourism announces some infarction figures, starting with its powerful 1.030 hp (1,016 BHP) at 9,000 rpm to which we must add another 240 kW (321.5 BHP) extra thanks to its three electric motors, one located on the rear axle and the other two in each of the front wheels.

In addition, the Ferrari Vision Gran Tourism is the first Italian brand vehicle specifically designed for motor electronic sports, so that each one of its characteristics are embodied on the circuit thanks to the complex system of GT7 physicists, giving rise to a most realistic behavior.


And such is Ferrari’s effort in this Sport-Prototype of futuristic design that h even completed its interior to the slightest detail. Regarding their exterior design, those responsible pay tribute to brand icons such Ferrari 330 P3 or 512 s, yes, under a totally avant-garde prism.

At the moment there is no arrival date of the Ferrari Vision Gran Tourism to Gran Tourism 7, although it could well be part of the next great update of the game with more cars and paths.