Villain Time: Genshin Impact Community has tired of heroes and wants more wicked playable

It is inevitable, in fiction good villains always conquer the public and with Genshin Impact the story is no different. Three characters who have been so long awaited to become playable do not have a clean past and a common personality. Child, Maiden and Scaramouche are known in the plot for their questionable actions ready to ag the Penal Code. But none of this prevents them, as well as other villains, from winning the public.

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Genshin Impact has a vast catalog of characters, with over 60 playable. But most are known for good conduct, with some rare exceptions. Throughout the plot, the traveler has already bumped with challenging villains, such as the Fate, the order of the abyss and specific concerns.

If the Horse wants them to be hated by the community, it is not what happens. Many players are tired of just good characters and hope more and more so that villains are introduced as playable. The proof in the success of this category is in the ones already present-Childe, Maiden and Amarillo show that villains work as playable, even those who have done something unforgivable are still ideal for capturing public attention.

The trio that conquered Genshin Impact fans

Child is one of the most popular characters in the game. The five-star archer deceived the traveler and almost caused Life’s end. But you can’t deny that since its first appearance the young Fate has known how to be charismatic. He came as playable, but well that his form Foul Legacy could be available to the players.


Maiden was seen as a danger from the first mentions to Arc once, due to his search for eternity. This objective caused her to isolate trauma from the rest of the world and put into practice the decree of vision hunting, resulting in people losing their dreams and aspirations. Despite so many crimes, until October 2021 the pair had the highest popularity rate based on Google searches.

Scaramouche should not take a long time to join the two characters in popularity. Anemia is Hoovers’s last bet for the year in version 3.3 and promises to deliver what the players ask. In the criterion evil actions the villain had to spare and gave no peace to the traveler. Still, the players wait for the moment when it would be added to the game.

The discussion about the need for truly evil playable characters began in Reddit and names that should be introduced into the game were cited, such as La Signora, first member of the Fate messengers presented in Gen shin. Unfortunately, it will hardly be considered for this, as showing is dead.

I don’t want each playable character to be a good person or a bag when the traveler saves them/defeat. I want some awful on my team, said the user who started the discussion. The topic became popular and other players came together to express their opinions.

Possible playable characters

The hopes have not come to an end, Dot tore is an option that can be realized ief-pelo less some fans expect yes. The character was introduced in Summer, and it is pure evil that the public wants. It is described as someone who has little consideration for human life, which is reflected in his cruel scientific experiments for the creation of enhanced humans. Moreover, it is almost impossible to see Dot tore redemption, as among their crimes are: abuse of power, mass murder, kidnapping, torture and illegal experiments in humans.

Other Fate members are waiting to make their official appearances, such as Arlecchino and Omelette, their achievements have not yet been released, but by Fate’s history, we cannot wait for light actions. Thanks to Child, it was possible to have small details about the duo Fate, in Arlecchino’s case, she does not please him, Natalia has already shown her contempt for her organization colleague for not considering her lead to Tsarists. While Maisonette is considered extremely dangerous, Hydro fears a fight against her and informs that the first three Fate has a power that can rival those of the gods.

The Fate respond to Tsarists, Cry Arc hon and Snezhnaya protector. From the beginning it is shown that the goddess has evil plans against other aconites and nations, using the Fate to intimidate and obtain gnosis from other aconites. Apparently, the character aims to rebel against the divine and burn the old world. Just like, Vent, Zwingli, Maiden and Bahia have become playable, the chances Tsarists can also be certain.

is the traveler a villain?

On Reddit, users also came into a curious point in the same topic: why a villain when he has his own traveler?
For some it may seem absurd, but the arguments in the discussion make sense.
Contrary to popular belief, the traveler is not totally quiet and has very doubtful actions, including, in recent times has been bothering some players, who have complained about conduct on social networks.
Some believe that at some point the traveler will even be trapped by the laws that oke in certain nations.
See below what was reflected on Reddit: