How to unlock the gip in Darktide

In Dark tide, when it comes to the class of fanatic, a GIP is your best choice from the point of view of weapons.
The Ripper is a two-handed chain sword with a powerful potential of damage.
Who in the world wants to miss such a powerful weapon?
No sane person will never want to look up with this weapon.
You will almost certainly hunt for such a demanded GIP, so let us help you and explain how you can unlock and use the Ripper in Warhammer 40k Dark tide.

how to unlock the GIP in dark tide

When it comes to an attack in Dark tide, many options are available, from swords to assault rifles and even bolts.
Among them, a GIP stands out.
Running is the last weapon of the Pilot class, so it is not surprising that it is the best.
The Ripper is an ideal weapon for close combat.
So, if you like the style of playing in close combat, you have every reason to choose a GIP.
Now let’s move on to how to unlock Eviscerated in Warhammer 40000: Dark tide.
This is quite simple, but you may have to work hard depending on your current zealot level.
The GIP opens as you reach the 11th level of the Pilot class.
This is a rather certain level to do, but this is what is.
So be prepared for work, because the best things do not come idle.

As soon as you reach the 11th level of the Pilot class, the GIP will become available for purchase in stores.


Just go to any of the stores and buy a GIP to begin to crush your opponents.