5 Things You Might Not Know About Walheim

Foggy lands are a large Update for Waldheim, which brought many new additions to the claim craft system, such as the Gala table.
Gold Tables is a unique craft building that most players do not know about if they return to Latham.
We at the Pro Game Guides told you everything you need to know about the creation and use of Gold tables in the foggy lands of Waldheim.

How to create a table of Chandra in Latham

To make the Gala table in Latham, you will need 20 wood of Yggdrasil, 10.

Black-metal, five black poisoners are also five purified at.
This is where you can find all the necessary resources for creating a Lavrov table in Latham:
Where to find black nuclei-you can find black nuclei in the locations of infected mines in the biome of foggy lands in Latham.
We recommend taking with us the best weapon causing spontaneous damage, such as fire, lightning and frost, to fight beetles inside infected mines.
Where to find the forest of Iggdrasil-to get the wood of Yggdrasil in Latham is easy, since you must find the shoots of Yggdrasil in the biome of foggy lands.
You can find the shoots of Yggdrasil, growing high on the rocks and often next to the ancient roots.
You will also need at least a black metal ax to cut down the shoots and get the Yggdrasil tree.
How to make black metal-to make black metal in Latham, you must farm wolves for black scrap metal and turn it into metal using a domain furnace.
How to make a cleaned art make a cleaned are in Latham, you need to make a juice extractor, then take the juice and place it in a recycling AITA plant.
You will also need to collect a soft cloth to place it along with the juice inside the Astra cleaning plant.
General resources that you need is 20 SAP as well as 20 soft fabric to make a cleaned EIT.
Where to find black marble-you will need black marble later to make a rune table upgrade for the improvement for the Gold table.
Fortunately, you can get black marble, obtaining petrified bones that clog the foggy lands by boom.

How to use a Sandra table in Latham

Players can use the Sandra tables in Latham to make magic weapons and armor, such as:
The staff of frost
The staff of protection
Dead Raiser
Coal staff
Full set of Vitré armor

How to improve the Sandra table in Latham

To improve the Sandra in Latham, you must create a rune table using 10 black marble, five Yggdrasil Wood, as well as 10 purified Air.
When you receive these necessary resources, you can improve the GALA table with a hammer to place a rune table next to it.

How to place a Sandra table in Latham

To place the Sandra table in Latham, place the hammer on the fast access panel and open the construction menu, clicking on the right mouse button.
In the construction menu, go to the Creation menu tab and select the Glade table.
The choice of the Gold table will allow you to place it by clicking with the left mouse button.
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