Riot Games who applied for 11 years of cultural property.

Riot Games signed a sponsorship agreement with the Cultural Heritage Administration and sponsored additional donations of 800 million won.
In addition, the company announced the progress of the social return project conducted during the 2022 year, and released a sponsorship plan in 2023.

Riot Games, which has been a Korean cultural property guard for 10 years this year, held the 2022 riot games cultural Heritage Administration’s sponsorship ceremony at the Riot Games office in Samseong-dong on Monday.
The ceremony was attended by Riot Games CHO Yeo-jin, Korea Representative, Choir Luncheon, Director of Cultural Heritage Administration, and Kim Jong-il, President of Cultural Heritage.

According to the Cultural Heritage Administration, the Cultural Heritage Convention Agency has so far, with a total of 61, and the most active of them is Riot Games.
Riot Games is the most contributed to the agreement company, and has sponsored foreign cultural properties, preserved management, facilities and equipment, youth, youth sponsorship, exhibitions and events, public relations, and campaign activities.

Riot Games’ participation and sponsorship periods are 11 years, which is a long period of time compared to the 7.9 years, the average of 100 companies.
The Cultural Heritage Administration said that Riot Games shows the achievements of the most sponsorship, sustainability and differentiation, and comprehensive cultural assets.

Choir Luncheon, director of the Cultural Heritage Administration, thanked Riot Games, who has made good donations for 11 years, and said, Riot Games has become a representative company in protecting cultural property so that cultural assets are available as the first related search term.
The Cultural Heritage Administration also thanked this precious relationship and expressed its aspiration to continue its best efforts and support for the achievements that can continue.

Riot Games CHO Yeo-jin, Korea representative, said, The game is a great play culture, and Riot said that it has been 10 years since it has been helping to help and restore Korean cultural assets, the root of this culture.
And in the future, I will continue to invest in the same mind without bending this meaning. I look forward to the next 10 years. I hope to contribute more.

Lastly, Kim Jong-il, chairman of the Cultural Heritage National Trust, said, There are many times when I feel limited to protecting cultural heritage, but every time Riot Games brought courage and helped each time.

■ Announcement of Riot Games-2022 Social Reduction Project, 2023 Sponsored Cooperation Plan

Riot Games succeeded in returning to foreign cultural assets ‘Bog’ on July 27, and in 2014, Sega Hammond, 2018 Hyo-myung Sabin Bookbongjukjuk, Chum Teacher’s Bookstore, White Palace Migration Palace, and Chinese Palace
Cultural assets have been returned to Korea.
In particular, the return is one of the representative achievements of Riot Games in 2022.

In addition, with the support of Riot Games, a total of 36 youth history education has been conducted during the year, and the preservation of 15 points of ‘Chosen Royal Relics, Nob’, which has been in progress in two years, has also begun.
The additional donation will be used to support the 7th foreign cultural property return, resume the expansion of the history class for game players, and support the replication of the Royal Relics.

Riot Games also released a social return plan in 2023.
First, we will reorganize and expand the experience-type historical education of cultural sites for game players, which were suspended due to Corona 19.
It is to provide the best educational opportunities to many players as possible except for the cold and cold season.

The most weighted part is to support the creation and replication of the Jose on Royal Clone.
The manufacture of a replica means that the relics are replicated as it is to extend the lifetime of cultural heritage and preserve value.
The six royal artifacts, which are supported by the ‘Books of Books’ and ‘Jongmyo-jeje Protest Screen’, which are housed in the National Palace Museum, are not exhibited in front of the public due to the lack of professional copy production.

I am so happy to be able to think about the next 10 years with the player and partner, said Riot Games.
I will continue to move closely.

Meanwhile, Riot Games has been working on social returns for ‘protection and support of Korean cultural heritage’ since 2012 under the core value of ‘game is culture’.
It is the only private company to continue to support the return of foreign cultural assets, and has succeeded in returning 6 foreign cultural assets to korea.

In addition, royal artifact preservation and academic research, conservation of the four generations of palaces and royal tombs, and the preservation of modern cultural heritage, and supporting human resources in the cultural heritage sector to protect and support Korea’s cultural heritage to protect and support Korean cultural heritage
We are making various efforts.
The donation amount exceeded 7.6 billion won.

In addition, in November, for the 10th anniversary of the Keeping Cultural Heritage, the special event ‘Since ram Chao’ was held for Korean players.

■ On-site Q & A-Director Gang Youngkin, Director King IMSaT

Q. Is Riot Games a global company?

The Korean cultural heritage is planned and conducted by the Korean team.
Although the company has been thinking about the social role of companies around the world, including its headquarters, it is the work of the Korean team that has conducted long-term projects on cultural heritage.

Q. I wonder how much value the activity of Riot Games is.

The fact that Riot Games lasts for 11 years has contributed to the protection of cultural assets.
It is a very special achievement because it continues to contribute to social contribution projects.

Q. I want to listen to the details related to the exhibition.

It was 6 points to support the return of foreign cultural assets.
In addition, we supported dozens of cultural assets that needed purchases such as domestic.
In relation to the 70th anniversary of Liberation, it was introduced in front of the public in the form of a special exhibition.
Since Corona has been supporting domestic support, it has not been a chance to showcase it yet, so it will have the opportunity next year.
It is difficult to have an unusual exhibition with the color of Riot Games.
Due to the nature of the artifacts, it will be very careful, so it will support various exhibitions.
In relation to online promotion, it is possible to capture the color and ability of Riot Games.

Q. There are many cultural assets in the Jose on Dynasty.

Perhaps the cultural assets themselves before the Gorge Dynasty are rarely found in the auction market.
It’s extremely rare.

Q. If you give a description of cultural property recovery process and hints on the seventh cultural property.

There are two perspectives of cultural property return.
Illegally unjustly taken out is the target of unconditional return, cooperating with government agencies.
It is a legitimate but has a great cultural value, and an important cultural property that will fill the links from the cultural history through donation or overseas purchases, or auctions.


The latter is very tight.
You have to make quick decisions, but the amount is not small.
I have been with Riot Games, but I can’t disclose it externally during the negotiations.
It is not yet negotiating, but if it starts, we will try to share quickly.

Q. I’m curious about the role of Riot Games.

One of the advantages of Riot Games is caring for active cultural property protection and quick decisions.
It is necessary to investigate and verify the last one of the targets that the return of foreign cultural assets itself is not set.
Riot Games has steadily earned funds through funding.
Therefore, in the urgent situation, they can quickly determine their intentions and return cultural assets.

Riot Games’ reversion of cultural assets is 2.2 billion.
It is never a small amount.
I am very grateful that the amount was continuously accumulated every year.
In addition, Riot Games thinks that game players will naturally participate in donations.
It has executed about 1.3 billion of the current amount.
Even though there is a leisure, it continues to support.

This plays a big role in the flexible response to the important Korean cultural assets that suddenly emerge.

Q. I’m curious about the headquarters ‘reaction to Riot Games’ activities.

The protection and support of Korean cultural heritage is a project that has been fully understood and attracted for more than 10 years.
A lot of branch offices, including global, have examined examples and explanations of their activities.
For good precedents, other branches are also studying the case.
The head office also has a great support because the players’ hot reactions have been seen.
Recently, Riot Games employees were very surprised at the headquarters.

Q. Do you plan to have a user participation event through skins later?

The first donation was the first six-month sales of Korean champions ARI.
For this reason, there are many perceptions that the sale of a specific item of the game is used to create donations.
However, after choosing a similar method for about three years, the company has made a social return donation rather than a specific in-game item sales.
Rather than limiting the constitutional items of certain regions, it is likely that the amount of social return is provided.
Of course, there are also special events such as in-game events like the new wind.

Q. I wonder if other games have events and funds to link cultural property guards.

The Korea Cultural Heritage Protection and Support Project was the strongest connection because Riot Games started when it was a League of Legends One Game.
But now, it’s not limited to League of Legends.