How To Find And Catch Slakoth In Pokemon

Lakota is the small and lazy favorite Pokémon of all and the basic form of its evolution line, evolving Vigorous, followed by the powerful slaking.

Fortunately for the fans of the little lazy, Lakota was among the Pokémon of the previous generation selected to return to the Pale region of Scarlet and Purple.
If you are struggling to find a Lakota to add your team or complete your Pokédex, then don’t worry;
We have everything you need to know.
Without further ado, here is where to find and catch Sloth in pokémon scarlet and Purple.

How to find Lakota in scarlet and purple Pokémon

As seen on the map below, Lakota lives in a great habitat on the southeast side of the Pale region.
Your habitat is highlighted in yellow, so be sure to search within these areas.
For the comfort of reducing your search to a specific location, the exact areas that Lakota likes to call home are south province (area one, three and five).
Image source: The Pokémon Company through
Keep in mind that Lakota is a weird Pokemon with a low generation rate, so hunting may require more patience than the average encounter.


To help increase your possibilities, you can always create a meeting power: normal sandwich before starting your search.
Lakota also likes to spend time on trees, as indicated at the previous Pokédex entrance.
If you can see a Lakota hanging from the tree branches, you can use Portion/Myrmidon’s skill and run to the tree to shake it and make Lakota fall.
From this point, you can participate in the battle and follow your usual capture process to add your team to your team.
That is all you need to know where to find and catch Lakota in scarlet and purple Pokémon.
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