Blacktail: The FPS based on the myth of Baba Yaga is available, here is its final trailer!

Get ready for an animation of intense fight and magic, in the universe of the Slavic myths! Blackmail is now available on PC and consoles, from today.

It is today that Blackmail is released, this FPS which takes another look at the misconception of Baba Saga in a blend of extreme arc as well as magic fights, done in a universe of tale motivated by the ancient Slavic myths.
It was developed by The Para sight, a young Polish independent studio who had the support of Focus Amusement.
The launch trailer assures to find a dark world in narrative, but the settings sometimes seem to supply us ideal landscapes.
Like any kind of great self-respecting action-RPG, Blackmail will allow the player to create his character, right here a 16-year-old lady, who will have the ability to update his bow, but also his powers.

Craft is additionally on the program with the opportunity of making its arrows, preparing elixirs, chasing after game and gathering all kinds of resources.


It is available currently on PC, PS5 as well as Xbox Collection.