Super Cell Brolsstars, which celebrates its 4th anniversary, announces a new update

Supercell announced that it has launched a large-scale update for the 4th anniversary of Protest’s service, which was introduced in the global game market.

The biggest feature of this update is that the introduction of Star Road, a new reward system, and new goods credits.


In the past, various boxes were opened to obtain new brawlers and goods with a certain chance, while the boxes in the game disappeared to eliminate random elements and provide predictable rewards.

The user allows you to acquire all grade rollers except chromatic rating.
Credits needed to unlock the roller can be obtained in most gameplay processes such as bypasses, trophy programs, shops, quests and challenge rewards.
If you collect all grade rollers except chromatic, the credit you hold is converted to a reputation level.
In addition, the newly added chroma credit can be obtained in free rewards or stores of the Roll Pass, and is used to purchase chromatic brawlers at the chromatic store.

Supercell has paid omega boxes as an event for a limited time from December 1 to 12 to miss the box in the game.
For 12 days before the large-scale update, the mission to achieve 4 billion takedowns in the take-down mode was reached in just seven days, and all users were paid to all users.

There are also three new brands.
Mandy, CEO of Candy Land in Star Park, is a chromatic roller that fires candy from a candy drawing machine.
You can also find a new Legendary Roller Chester, the second member of the Bollywood Trio, and the playful legendary Roller Chester using a random special attack.

Through this update, new skins will also be introduced.
In the Candy Land season, Magma Queen Mandy, Gospel Nita, and Pinata Ash appeared, and three kinds of dark Holiday Skin, which reinterpreted Holiday such as Yeti Sam, Ice Queen Amber, and Campus Ash.

In addition, you can also find the World Champion Gus Skin, which reflects the characteristics of Japan’s Zeta Division Zero team, which won the Bolsters World Final in Paris Disneyland, and the 2023 New Year-themed bike and entertainment room OSU Grief Skin.

In addition, Supercell will present various events for users.
To commemorate the 4th anniversary of Solstice Service, from December 12 to 26, you will receive a limited pin, spray, profile icon, credits and coins, and on December 24th Christmas Eve to remember the Bolder Shelley during the beta period.
The classic Shelly skins can be distributed free of charge.
In addition, in commemoration of the opening of the Bolsters KakaoTalk channel, a total of 300 people are also presenting a set of goods that contain Nita Bear Dolls or Endorsed Spike Figures.

An official of Supercell said, The introduction of a new reward system, Star Road, has made a change to make users from random satellite of probability and gain more transparent and predictable rewards.
We expect that this update will increase more and more new and return users.

Meanwhile, more information about large-scale updates in December can be found on the official Café, YouTube and Instagram.