The Last Of Us Part 3: Development Would Have Started At Naughty Dog, First Info

Sony Interactive Entertainment, the license holder of The Last of Us, has just given new hopes to fans of survival action.

Hard not to think it on words, The Last of United States having ended up being a license which counts and which reports.
It is even more rational because the end of The Last If United States Part 2 was open, leaving Ellie and Abby Vicente of their colossal conflict.
Vietweranon seizes the day to define that we will have to wait a few years before seeing something on The Last of Us 3, but that the studio will soon release the Factions mode which is none other than the multi of The Last of the United States
2 anticipated for several years.
We likewise understand that the Californian studio has introduced a number of jobs at the same time, which amongst them is a new license.
We bear in mind that preparatory sketches on the Portfolio of Young Nam, a senior principal artist at Naughty Dog, had actually fired up the Web at the start of 2021. These illustrations by northern ladies accompanied by legend inspired by the new video game, you understand what I’m speaking about…;-ROB- recommended that it could be their new video game.

By returning to the Portfolio, the legend was modified as Inspire from New Game Call Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. You understand what I’m Speaking about….

While the world of television will make understood with the television series on HBO on January 15 (still no clue on the French broadcaster to date…), the license The Last of the United States would return to a third episode.
No official statement from Naughty Canine for the minute, but an insider that has gone to a couple of confidences on Twitter.
This leaker in concern is called Vietweranon on social networks and declares that Neil Luckmann’s next video game is none aside from The Last of Us Part 3, and that the game is already returned to production.
If the tweet of Vietweranon is priced seriously, it is due to the fact that it has currently leaned essential elements of the television series The Last of Us, as the reality that Ashley Johnson would play Anna, Ellie’s mom, that
‘ We also see in the last trailer.


Vietweranon also provides the authorship of first information on Crash Bandicoot, in order to provide trustworthiness to these leakages.