Yes, Jenova Is Sephiroths Mother In Final Fantasy VII

Sephiroth is one of the most iconic villains of the games.
Either the distinctive character design of him along with the absurdly huge Katina of him or the premonitory symphony One Winged Angel composed of the legendary Noble Seats.
Sephiroth’s legacy is recorded in the minds of all Final Fantasy fans.
One of the features of his character is his devotion to his mother, Nova, as seen in Core crisis: Final Fantasy 7 Meeting.
But is the calamity of heaven really his genetic mother?
Here is everything we know about whether Nova is really Sephiroth’s mother in Core crisis: Final Fantasy VII Meeting.

Who is Sephiroth’s mother in Core crisis: Final Fantasy VII Meeting?

Nova is not Sephiroth’s mother, at least not in the original compilation of the Final Fantasy VII tradition.
Things could change with the new direction that the trilogy of the remake is taking in history, but in the original Final Fantasy VII continuity, Sephiroth is the biological son of Lucretia Crescent.
Lucretia appeared in secret scenes in Final Fantasy VII and was very connected to the group’s optional member, Vincent Valentine.
In the derivative title Dirge of Cerberus, who focused on Vincent, his role in general history and his links with Sephiroth were greatly expanded.
Once again, everything returns to the Nova project.
Lucretia would work on the project together with Professor Last and the Loco Hobo scientist.
For reasons that, frankly, they are beyond understanding, she would begin a relationship with Hobo before becoming pregnant with her son.

With the hope of bringing the Nova project to the next stage, the two would inject their son with Nova cells while he was still in his embryonic stage.
That child was Sephiroth.
Lucretia had a deep sense of apprehension around the birth of her son and experienced intense visions of her greatest atrocities due to the side effects of Geneva cells.
After his birth, he was separated from his mother and trained to be the most formidable soldier in Shira.

How did Lucretia die?

Lucretia would fall into deep depression and try to take his own life.


Due to his own Nova cells, he would not succeed and resort to live isolated in a crystallized hibernation.
Sephiroth was not even in the hands of his biological mother and only received the information provided by Shira’s scientists that his mother was Nova.
There are some in the Fandom of Final Fantasy VII that are deeply fascinated by the concept of redemption of Sephiroth, since many see the villain as a tragic figure similar to Anakin Skywalker and believe that a meeting with her true mother could put it on the right path
. Sephiroth has always been portrayed as a rather impenitent evil, so this seems unlikely, but strangest things have happened.
Maybe the Final Fantasy VII Remake trilogy could see Sephiroth have a long-awaited meeting with her true mother.
That is all we know about whether Nova is really Sephiroth’s mother in Core crisis: Final Fantasy VII Meeting.
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