How To Enter The Mysterious Smokey Sewers Of World Of Stands – Roblox

World of Stands is one of the best anime-IGR Roblox, based on the bizarre world of Tojo.
Here, players receive their own stand and perform various missions in different areas.
After you complete the London quests, defeating Did in his castle, you will begin the plot quest of New York in the neighboring zone.
Within the framework of this mission, you are instructed to find out the whereabouts of Smoke, a person, captured and kept hostage in the sewer.
If you run in circles, trying to find sucks, do not worry.
In this guide, we will tell you how to find smoky in sewers in World of Stands.

How to find a sewer in World of Stands

Sewerage is a clearly foul-smelling place under the surface of New York in the World of Stands, located next to the construction site.
In the quest New History after you help to fix the excavator, you will get access to the sewage system, where you will again meet Valentina, who will instruct you to find sucks.
She always shares a hint, assuming that one of the criminals in the sewer can carry the key to the room where Smokey is contained.

How to save Smokey from Sewerage in World of Stands

From the tips of Valentina, we can assume that we need to kill criminals in order to get a key.
As soon as the offender drops the key to the room, you will receive a message on the right side of the screen with the inscription Key to the sewer cabinet.
After you get it, just go to the room with the red light upstairs and talk to the guard in front of her.


They will take you for Capo and let you into the room where you will find Smoke.
After you free Smoke, he will ask you to meet him in a café in New York to continue the storyline.
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