Will Hogwarts Legacy Be Available On Game Pass At Launch? Heres What We Know


Hogwarts Legacy will be released on Xbox Series X | S on Feuary 10th and buyers of Deluxe and Collector editions will have advance access on Feuary 7.
Given this it is normal to wonder if the game will be available for free on the famous day One of Game Pass.
Or even if it will be available in the catalog later.

Hogwarts Legacy in Day One?

Unfortunately the game will not be available on the game’s day One.
Players wishing to purchase the game will need to pay the full amount to play it on Xbox Series X | s.

As for Xbox One, its release date was postponed, probably for graphic and performance adaptations.
The Day One service is focused on Microsoft exclusive games (including all the companies it has, such as Xbox, Bethesda, Moving).
Of course partnerships will not prevent, in any way, that games from other companies enter Day One, or even in the Game Pass catalog.

Hogwarts Legacy No Game Pass?

There is no signal that indicate that Hogwarts Legacy will be available in Game Pass.
Considering the company’s history, it is very likely that they will be partnered with the game in the future to enter it in the catalog, but this will take for several reasons.
The first is that the game has a partnership with PlayStation that even has an exclusive quest and items.
These items will only be available to other platforms after one year, which means that the game will not enter the game pass by the end of this period.
Considering that the game is selling very well and nothing prevents future LCS, it will only go to the game pass when sales are not so high and a partnership with Xbox is more profitable.
It is very likely to happen, but it is out of the question for now.