How To Damage Fortnites Guardians & Collect Fallen Microchips In The Oathbound Mission

The third iteration of Fortnite’s Oath bound missions was launched with the most recent update of 23.30.
One of this week’s tasks requires that the Lovers damage Guardian Shields to collect fallen microchips.
If I lived under a rock, Guardian Shield is a hand shield that blocks ballistic fire and explosives and can be deployed to provide distance coverage.
Then, without further delay, here is a Fortnite guide to complete the damage Guardian Shields to collect fallen microchips sworn challenge.

Fortnite missions guide: damages the guardians to collect fallen microchips

The first step to complete this Oath bound challenge is to find Guardian shield itself.
Like other loot articles, Guardian Shield is part of the floor loot and can also be found within common chests, Oath bound chests and supplies.
However, it is worth noting that these chests will not always throw a guard shield, so you may have to open a lot of chests to have the guardian shield in your hands.

Image source: epic games
Once you have a Guardian Shield in your inventory, I display it by holding the right mouse button and pressing the left button.
As a result, you will notice a protective cover just in front of you.
Now, all you need to do is damage the guardian shield deployed with any weapon or use the collection tool.
By inflicting some damage, the guard shield will drop microchips.
Simply pray, and Oath bound’s challenge damage the guardians to collect the fallen microchips will be marked as completed.
In fact, you will be rewarded with 20,000 XP when completing the challenge successfully.
So you have it there.


That is all you need to know to complete the damage the guardians to collect the fallen microchips Oath bound challenge in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1. Be sure to consult our other Fortnite guides and follow the links below.
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