Beating The Hive Mind: Tips And Strategies To Defeat The Last Boss Of Dead Space Remake

Do you have any issues defeating the last manager of the Dead Space remake?
The Hive Mind is the last opponent of the video game and, like any other last employer, the most difficult struggle of the whole game.
The Hive Mind can be especially difficult if you have to prepare ahead of time by accumulating ammunition or entering into battle with a high quantity of health.
Apart from the preparation, the fight can still be very challenging when you think about that the HIVE attacks can trigger substantial damage if you land a hit.
When and for all so that you can reach the end or the secret end, with this guide we provide you tips and tricks on how you can beat the Hive.

tips to defeat the Hive Mind

You want to stack as much as possible in the store next to the fight.
If it is not important to you to transfer all of your credits to New Game Plus, we suggest output as many credits as possible for health bundles and ammo in order to bring you into battle.
If you are worried not to have credits in New Game Plus, you will only get 50,000, just when you hit the game, so keep in mind.
At the start of the battle, you will see intense hotspots over his face.
You need to focus on that in the first stage of the fight, shooting as much as you can do till you explode.
The Hive Mind will begin to toss arms on them to cause major damage.
Ensure you run backward and forward when you see that the monster begins to swing, and this easily avoids these attacks.
While you continue in this stage and ruin every hotspot, the Hive Mind will likewise spit out explosive blobs that you need to avoid.
The tentacles will explode these blobs on the battlefield, that makes it a lot more challenging to avoid the attacks.
So if you have enough ammunition, attempt to shoot these explosives from a distance to protect yourself from harmful damage.
You damage between every hotspot;
While the swarm spirit is shocked, you are welcome to do the boxes on the right to get more ammunition and more health plans.
As quickly as you have actually damaged every hotspot on the face of Hive Minds, enemies are contacted us to the battleground.
Kill these enemies by fulfilling their weak points such as limbs and explosive arms.
After you have actually killed the smaller sized enemies, the battle ends up being a little more complex and passes into stage 2.
The Hive Mind will spray acid lines that you avoid and do not need to go through.


While the acid lines lie on the floor, the monster continues to swing arms, however to avoid these tentacles and acid, they have less space to work.
Try to be quick and run straight, diagonally or from one side to the other.
Your objective here is destroying the brilliant hotspots that are now in the chest of the Hive Minds.
The breast opens frequently after they have actually dilated the arms and acid lines.
Be on the hat and ready to shoot when you have the opportunity.
As quickly as you have ruined every shining hotspot, the monster will grab them and bring them up for a last encounter.
As soon as and for all, you will see a last shining hotplate and attempt your best to welcome all your ammunition and kill them.
If you still have problem eliminating the Hive Mind, you can decrease the difficulty.

It is not an embarrassment to do this!
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