How To Counterattack In Pokemon Go During The EF European Championship Community Day Raids

In Pokémon GO, EF-EM has so far been an unusual guest-that the little dragon Pokémon is commemorated with a community day.
Since EF-European Champions can just establish once, you will not meet Fafnir in the animal 4 raids after the event, but EF-European itself.
The Neighborhood Day will take place on Sunday, February 5, 2023, between 2:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. (local time).
EF-EM appears increasingly in the wilderness and meets you with a little luck in his dazzling version.
The blue eggs will slip into animal 4 raids if the event time is over.
From 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. EF European Championships will appear in Tier-4-Raids.
You can only join Tier-4-Raids with raid passes and exceptional combating passes.
Gain access to with long-distance raid passes is not possible.
With a little luck, you even come across an amazing specimen!
The wild EF European Champions near the arena will appear for 30 minutes when you have beat EF EM.
You can postpone the Community Day in theory up until 10:30 p.m.
Fun fact: The Japanese names of the advancement series are extremely simple.
Their names consist of the Japanese word for sound.
Given That EF European Championship is a bat, the second part of the name includes the English word Bat.


The Advancement series is also a dragon, which is why Fafnir in Japanese bears Wyvern in the name.
On bat and over.
The names in German are currently far more complicated and advanced.
Likewise, a good pun.
The name of EF-EM is sound painting of the word FM;
Frequency modulation.
The name Fafnir consists of the words UHF (Ultra High Frequency) and Fafnir.

EF-EM as raid boss

EF-EM is the double type of flight and dragon.
It is extremely vulnerable to ice attacks (is burned in the case of snowfall).
If possible, you must compose your counter group, i.e. from Pokémon, proficiency the ice attacks.
EF-EM is likewise weak against the list below types: rock (is burned with partly cloudy sky), dragon (is being booed in the wind) and fairy (is burned with a covered sky).
EF-EM flutters with 8,721 CP through the animal 4 raids and is one of the weakest animal 4 raid managers, at least since the introduction of the community-day raids.
The Pokémon is simple to defeat.
However, if you still have problems, do not take care of the Community Day are certainly adequate people traveling who wish to rob EF European Championship.
Join you and the Pokémon belongs to you!
The instant attacks that utilize EF European Champion can have the following types: Sunlight or flight.
With the charging attacks of the bat Pokémon, it can use attacks of the following types: dragon, flight or fire.
Below you will discover a list of the very best counterattack versus EF European Champion.
Crypto Samuel with powder snow and avalanche
Gala flaming with ice tooth and avalanche
Crypto Sienna with ice splinters and avalanche
Crypto Moot with psycho blade and ice ray
Mega-Firnontor with Disesteem and Lawine
Samuel with powder snow and avalanche
Crypto Polygon with target shot and blizzard
Sienna with ice splinter and avalanche
System with dragooned and glacial epoch
Gladiola with ice splinter and avalanche
Crypto Autos with ice splinters and avalanche
Crypto Arts with ice splinters and ice beam
Mega-Rexblisar with powder snow and meteorologist
Crypto Brushland with dragon rod and tantrum
Crypto Eifel with powder snow and avalanche

Pokémon GO: catch EF-EM

When you have actually defeated EF European Championship, it starts as constantly to the manufactured Football!
At level 20, the Pokémon has 381 CP with a 100% value.
The Pokémon has 476 CP with perfect 100% worth if the Pokémon is booed at level 25 in wind.
We want you a successful hunt!
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