Shadow Warrior 3: Definitive Edition Is Coming And Its Free For Existing Owners!

The very nimble developers of Flying Wild Hog and their hyper dance partner Revolver Digital have revealed that the Shadow Warrior 3: Definitive Edition will be released on February 16 on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S | X.
If you currently have Shadow Warrior 3, you will receive a free upgrade for the definitive edition that awaits new features and efficiency enhancements.
The conclusive edition of Shadow Warrior 3 is an exceptionally violent mix of quick gun play, razor-sharp battles and an amazing journey through a magical, legendary world.
Gamers evaluate their skills in brand-new survival mode, New Game Plus and Hardcore mode-but constantly look after the dragons!
The ultimate boost
The survival mode, which is offered after conclusion of the primary story, is an entirely new game mode that includes 3 brand-new battle arenas and provides hours of new gameplay.
If you master the obstacle, you can get three brand-new gun skins!
In the chapter choice menu you can return, gather absence of upgrades and experience some of the most wonderful minutes of Lo Wang again.
Loans Mojo
New Video game Plus uses a brand-new method to experience the ultraviolet action of the Shadow Warrior 3 story mode.
There are extra difficulties, skins and rewards to provide Lo-Wang the urgently needed self-esteem!
Some like hard!
The brand-new degree of hardcore uses the hardest variation of Shadow Warrior!
Not for a delicacy.

Like a shogun
In hero mode, a difficult mode that shortens his life to a minimal number of respawns, Lo-Wang has to show what he can do.


The number of respawns can be increased with magnificent finishers-but if they are used up, progress is lost permanently.
Parole: console!
The PlayStation 5-and Xbox Series S | X variations are ruined with custom-made enhancements, including PS5 haptics & controller speaker assistance and newly coordinated efficiency modes.
Selects between butter-soft 60fps for especially fast violence or lovely 4K graphics at 30FPS-for a really cinematic experience.