Hasan Salihamidzic Reacts To Manuel Neuers Interview: Not Acceptable Behavior

I comprehend that Manuel is personally affected, said Salihamidzic the Build am Sontag.

You know why

However from him, specifically as a captain, I would have expected a different behavior.
The sports director responded to more recent statements on Friday, in which he had plainly criticized the leadership team of the German record champs about Salihamidzic-especially the dismissal of goalkeeper coach Toni Analogic.
The separation from Analogic was a difficult choice for us that had nothing to do with Manuel at all.
Salihamidzic is dissatisfied because Manuel put his individual interests here about the interests of the club.
One will now talk to him internally.
The 46-year-old did not desire to clearly state whether the keeper needed to expect consequences.
He revealed: If there are consequences, we will initially talk to Manuel about it.
Simply a couple of hours after the publication of Never’s interviews with the Deutsche Dating and The Athletic, CEO Oliver Khan had actually commented and, to name a few things, recently slammed the fact that his declarations neither would do justice to him as captain nor the values of FC Bayern
Oliver has actually categorized the interview in its parts relevant to FC Bayern, Salihamidzic jumped in his manager.
With brand-new, one needs to talk about a very essential subject.
Clarification with the currently hurt nationwide goalkeeper is apparently likewise in other places.
In any case, Salihamidzic sees freshly brand-new recovery process after his lower leg fracture suffered in a ski accident: When you speak with the medical professionals, the clear statement is that Manuel is on the ideal track.

It was best. That is half the fight..
Never himself had actually revealed itself-one of the few points in which there seems to be unity in between the fronts.