How To Defeat Cliff, Arlo And Sierra In Pokemon GO: Our Comprehensive Counterattack Guide For February 2023

Update from February 3, 2023: With the brand-new group rocket takeover in February 2023, the Pokémon, with which Cliff, Carlo and Sierra stand in your duel.
We have actually updated our counter tips for the battle accordingly.

You can discover counter-tips for Giovanni in your own guide.
The time has come: Group Go Rocket has returned and is preparing to take control of the world of Pokémon at last.
The job of the trainers is now to avoid the bad guys from performing their strategy.
To do this, you have to put together a special radar as part of a unique mission series and track down the leaders of Team Go Rocket and beat in fight.
That you can move into the battle against Team Go Rocket with maximum chances of success, we have actually put together the finest counterattacks for all 3 manager battles for you.
You will also discover alternative counter-Pokémon for each private Rocket Pokémon in our guide.

Pokémon GO: Team Go Rocket-Allgemeine Tips

Before you fall in the fight versus the three Rocket group leaders, note the following info:
You initially have to assemble the radar so that you can discover the team leaders.
An adapted map reveals yourself the way to the nearby team leader if you trigger the radar.
The radar is thought about taken in as quickly as you have actually defeated the one in charge.
You can only challenge Group Go Rocket for the fight between 6:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m.
The resist the group leaders are similar to those versus the regular bad guys, but the group leaders use shields in the fight.
The Pokémon of the team leaders you can capture and free have a little chance of the Shiny version.
Attempt to ruin the coaches’ guards as rapidly as possible and utilize your first Pokémon straight.
Chooses Pokémon, who withstand fast attacks, compared to Pokémon, which give out a great deal of damage.
Use guards against charging attacks.
You can repeat the battle versus a team leader as often as you desire up until you have actually defeated it.
On the balloon you have actually restricted attempts.

Pokémon GO: Group Go Rocket-Cliff

Pokémon GO: The best counterattack against in charges of Group Go Rocket (Guide) (3) Source: Ni antic Cliff can attack with the following Pokémon
Pokémon # 1: Constantly magnetic
Pokémon # 2: Pin sir, Sailor or Amorous
Pokémon # 3: Despot, Tōkaidō or Cam erupt
No matter which group opposes you Cliff, you agree the following counterattacks.
When you lose, remember that you can duplicate the fight.
In this respect, you can first take a look at which Pokémon Cliff sends out in the fight and after that change to it.
Magnetic: The 3 most sensible counterattack against the weakest fighter in Cliff’s team later have a great benefit-after which even more Mon Cliff sends out into the battle.
In any case, you are well recommended with Lucio with a counterattack, increase in the boost and spook ball, Sumpex with a clay shot, aqua bait and earthquakes, or with Cheltenham with a shaving sheet, stone and flora statue edge.
Keep in mind to delay the end of the fight against Magnetic a couple of minutes in case of doubt to take in the second indication from Cliff’s team.
Pin sir or Sailor: You wish to conquer Cliff’s second Pokémon as rapidly as possible;
Either by using your first Mon till it ends up being lost consciousness or by changing to an appropriate counterattack.
For Pin sir and Sailor, lava dos are beneficial with wings, sky sweep and heat scooter, dragon with fire modem, dragon claw and power colossus, or plural with fire vertebrae, low cannonade and dragon claw.
Amorous: Must Cliff pick as a 2nd fighter Amorous, then you much better rest on a sailor with a mud, flora statue and tendril bomb, Kawasaki with a razor blade, deciduous blade and night strap, or on Cheltenham with shaving sheet, flora statue and stone edge spark: The magnetic makes itself versus amorous
– Toner Cheltenham twice.
Despot or TORNADO: In the fight against the 3rd Pokémon of Fight, you desire to rely most on very efficient attacks.
It can reveal its strength again versus Despot and TŌKAIDŌ if you have actually selected versus Magnetic Lucio.
Prevents these 2 opponents to Lucio with counterattack, increase in increase and haunted ball, cache with counter, close combat and stone edge, or for Matrix with counterattack, growth and stone edge.
Cam erupt: You should utilize Cam erupt other counterattacks that are better matched for the fight.
There are Kroger with cascade, web surfers and blizzard, the Sumpex discussed at Magnetic with a clay shot, aqua bait and earthquakes along with imper gator with aqua-knarre, aqua bait and crunch.

Pokémon GO: Group Go Rocket-Arlo

Pokémon GO: The best counterattack against the one in charges of Group Go Rocket (Guide) (2) Source: Ni antic Carlo can move into the battle with the following Pokémon:

  • Pokémon # 1: Always Iran (m).
  • Pokémon # 2: INSAT, Stalls or Willie.
  • Pokémon # 3: Plural, Scherzo or Armando.
    The following counterattack guarantees you, no matter which Pokémon Carlos group.
    When you lose, keep in mind that you can repeat the fight.
    In this regard, you can initially look at which Pokémon Carlo sends in the battle and after that change it.


  • Iran (m): Carlo is rather unpleasant with regard to the Pokémon, which you can use several times as effective counterattacks;.
    There are barely any overlaps.
    To get Iran (m) little and to use the shields, it is best to use Thornier with a clay clamp, force colossus or rock thrower and surfer, Sumpex with clay shot, aqua bait and earthquake, or volcanoes with clay clamp, dark fist and development.
  • Stalls: If you chose Thornier in the first fight, then you can keep the Pokémon now.
    Otherwise, Ky ogre with a web surfer, blizzard and cascade or plural with fire vertebrae, Love cannonade and dragon claw.
    In basic, it is your method to beat the 2nd Mon in Carlos group with really efficient attacks.
  • Willie: This Pokémon remains in the very best with macho with a counter, cross-cuts and stone edge, with plural with fire vertebrae, loo-canonade and dragon claw, or with Scherzo with anger blade, night blade and cross scissors.
  • INSAT: The flatter man should also be defeated as quickly and efficiently as possible.
    Press the stolons with a catapult, meteor beam and stone edge, despot with a catapult, crispy and stone edge, Oder-Oh!- Too voluminous with a stimulated dive, stone hail and magnetic bomb.
  • Plural and Armando: Even in the 3rd fight you desire the fight with very reliable attacks to get a quick end.
    Your commitment is likewise beneficial against Plural or versus Armando if you already had Ky ogre, Despot or Stolons in the second round in action.
    So: Kroger with cascade, internet user and blizzard, despot with a catapult, crispy and stone edge, or stolons with a catapult, meteor beam and stone edge.
  • Scherzo: Was Stalls the second Mon of the match?
    Does your plural still have a breath with fire vertebrae, Love Cannonade and dragon claw?
    Utilize it.
    Otherwise, you use jagged, dive and ring fire, or Inferno with fire vertebrae, melee and loo-canonade.

Pokémon Go: Team Go Rocket-Sierra.

Pokémon GO: The very best counterattack versus in charges of Team Go Rocket (Guide) (1) Source: Ni antic Sierra can have the following Pokémon in the team:.
Pokémon # 1: Always Panel.
Pokémon # 2: Libeled, Tōkaidō or Laps.
Pokémon # 3: Impala, common or English.
To pass Sierra, you utilize the following counterattack.
When you lose, keep in mind that you can duplicate the battle.
In this regard, you can first look at which Pokémon Sierra sends in the battle and after that adapt to it.
Panel: Even when dealing with Sierra, the choice of the efficient attacker is not the simplest.
To defeat Panel and to take in guards, you need to choose Lucio with counterattack, boost in increasing and spook ball, plural with fire vertebrae, loo-canonade and dragon claw, or Look with fire vertebrae or counter as well as look canon or fire sweeper.
Lucio and Look can be useful later.
Laps and Tōkaidō: Use combat counterattack, for example your Lucio with counterattack, boost in increasing and spook ball from the previous fight, macho with counter, close fight and stone edge or Matrix with stone, counterattack and growth edge.
If Laps and TŌKAIDŌ rather have water soft attacks, Pflanze-Pokémon can be more worthwhile.
Libeled: In the battle against Libeled, it prefers to go to Arts with ice splinters, ice storm and anti-power, to Samuel with powder horsepower, snow and avalanche, or Alola-volnona with powder snow, meteorologist (ice) and psychock.
Hun demon, English and Impala: Your best choice for the 3rd round is despot with a catapult, crispy and stone edge.
Against common and English you can also reach for the device (counterattack, close combat and stone edge) from round 2 if it still has breath.
A unique counterattack versus Hun demon is still Kroger with surfer, waterfall and blizzard.
Versus English you can likewise opt for a look with fire vertebrae or counterattack along with low canon or fire sweeper from round 1. And Impala you can likewise defeat with triumphal with fire modem and whirlpool, or with a barricade with a counter and night too.
We hope that our guide will assist you to success in the fight versus Team Go Rocket Boss and you can then tape it with Giovanni.
Do you have any other tips?
Let us understand in the comments!
We will update our guide appropriately and insert your tips later on.
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