The Last of Us: Meet Kathleen and the Hunters, The New Group From Episode 4

During episode 4 of HBO’s Television Adaptation by The Last of Us, we had the first contact with the hunter group version in the series.
Led by Kathleen (Melanie Lindsey), the rebels are presented as a faction that is protecting the area of Kansas City, Missouri, from Fedora interventions.
In the game, however, they boil down to simple enemies that players must face to be possible to follow with the main story.
Already in the adaptation of HBO, as usual, hunters have an extra motivation and appear to be more dangerous for the protagonists, who are only passing through the region.
ATTENTION: This article may contain spoilers of the series and the game.
Although in the game, the hunters took control of Pittsburgh’s quarantine zone and not Kansas City, the main narrative seems to follow the same way.
In the HBO version, Melanie Lindsay’s character is introduced as a merciless leader who does not agree with Fedora’s military and interventionist actions.


Already in his first scene we can analyze that Kathleen, alongside Perry (Jeffrey Pierce), will not rest until they are able to find those responsible for deriving the revolutionaries to the military group Fedora.
As he questioned a medical-speaker dialogue, we realize that it is someone the character has a personal history-he accuses of hiding information about the events that caused the death of his other, Kathleen proves to be irreducible.
The unpublished character ings a more frightening air to the hunters, initially allies of Tommy (Gaiel Luna) and Joel (Pedro Pascal).
After some time ambushing and stealing travelers, the others decide to follow separate paths and say goodbye to the hunters-when Tommy combines themselves with the fireflies.

Hunters in the game and in the series

For those who have played the game, the fact that the hunters are utal killers is not new.
The initial meeting of the protagonists with the group in the game is the same as the series: Joel, seeing Pittsburgh’s ambush, already knows how to proceed and denies Ellie’s suggestion to help the injured individual.
In the game, hunters seem to hate each other and appear to be together just for survival.
While Joel and Ellie hear their conversations, a leader is always mentioned-the protagonists do not find out who is in charge.
In the series, this person is Kathleen, who has trauma similar to the character Eva;
In the game, Eva joined the hunters to avenge her son’s death.
Trying to escape the rebels, they end up hitting the car inside a local establishment.
At this point in the game, after the sequence of fighting, in the series, ends after Ellie used a gun for the first time to save Joel-They find others Sam (Lamar Johnson) and Henry (Lavonne Woodard), who are also
hiding from the group.

Although the game shows, from the face, that the two doubles quickly understand each other, the series chose to create a mystery around the characters, showing them only at the end of the episode.
So far we only know that Kathleen is furiously behind Henry, but we don’t see his face.
The character seems to accuse him of being involved in his other’s death and, after discovering Joel and Ellie’s invasion in his region, Kathleen assumes that he will be allies of Henry and orders the invaders to tackle.
With similar motivations, but presented in a much more intense way through Kathleen, producers used this episode to inform us that the group will have a longer impact on Joel and Ellie’s walk.
Given the focus on the new character and his search for Henry, the leader is likely to make it even more difficult for the protagonists to escape, in clashes that must happen parallel to the unfolding of the others’ story.
The next episode, which will last one hour, will be released Friday (10), at 23h (asília time) in the HBO Max-Para application does not coincide with the transmission of the Super Bowl 2023.