WoW Patch 10.0.7: Unlock The Vault Of Zskera And Collect Primordial Stones, Toys and More

In Patch 10.0.7 from WoW: Dragon Flight it returns to the forbidden island.
Not just new uncommon mobs, quests and occasions await us here, however also the mysterious vault of SKEMA.
It lies on a small remote island in the west and can be entered at any time.
In the vault itself, nevertheless, you stand in front of some closed doors.
There are uncommon opponents, treasures or puzzle behind the doors.


In order to have the ability to unlock, you need the following secret: SKEMA Vault Secret.

secret for Keras vault

WOW Patch 10.0.7: This awaits you at the new mini occasion vaults from SKEMA (1) Source:
On the PTR for Patch 10.0.7 you will get six secrets the very first time and after that as soon as a day a secret from the NPC Scout Jeb from the dragon scales expedition, which is in front of the vault.
The number and frequency of the totally free secret can still change until the spot release.
You can get other keys through treasures and unusual mobs on the prohibited island.
With an essential you can open a door behind which, as I said, there is a forgotten experiment by Neltharion, a treasure chest or a puzzle.
The treasures and drops are the first source for the new effective gems primordial stones.

benefits from Keras Vault

The rare opponents are not particularly difficult.
In addition to the primeval stones, you get a series of toys from the vault of SKEMA: Televiewer: The Lady of Dreams, Televiewer: The Scarlet Queen, Televiewer: The Ageless One.
There are also two brand-new successes for the mini situation: Door to Door and Door Buster.

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WOW Patch 10.0.7: This awaits you at the new mini occasion vaults from SKEMA (1) [Source: Rubbed] From opponents and gratitude you will get a resource that you can exchange at an NPC in the vault of SKEMA.
In the exchanged sacks there are gray products at the existing status of the PTRS and from time to time beneficial intake objects.
On the PTR, SKEMA’s Vault is a really stripped-down variation of the correspondence training from Samar or the MOP treasury.
It is not a race versus the time, no challenging obstacle and at the moment it appears like you do not necessarily have to do the maximum number of keys from treasures every day like crazy.
Till patch 10.0.7 goes live, there might be something else.
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