How To Obtain And Use The Wolf Lighthouse In Warframe: A Step By Step Guide


The wolf lighthouse is a subject in Warframe, which can be called by the Wolf Saturn, a fraudster-killer Grind, who appeared in a night wave: Series 1 as the main antagonist.
There are six Wolf Saturn is a dangerous opponent, but he can throw a number of powerful mods, some resources and drawings for his wolf sledges.
This makes him a worthy goal for all Tenn who want to get prey, and in this leadership we will explain how to get to it.

where to get a wolf lighthouse in Warframe

To get a wolf lighthouse in Warframe, go to your navigation console or the main menu and buy it in the offers of the night wave for 50 night wave loans.
To earn night wave loans, you must participate in daily, weekly and elite weekly missions.
The lighthouse is a disposable item that cannot be used again in the detachment until the mission is completed.

Use of the Wolf Lighthouse in Warframe

After you buy it, you need to install a wolf lighthouse on a gear from the equipment menu in Warframe.

The use of the lighthouse will allow you to call you the Wolf Saturn six in any mission you play with some exceptions:
The onslaught of the sanctuary
Free roaming
Arching or submersible
Combat sorties

How to defeat the wolf Saturn six in Warframe

To defeat the wolf Saturn six in Warframe, coordination and teamwork will be required.
His behavior is similar to the behavior of other assassins in the game.
It would be better if you ideally used Suva weapons against him, because it has a high chance of a critical blow and damage that you will need due to its immunity to the effects of status.
Its main weakness will be radiation due to its armor from the alloy, and the near-battle weapons with a bloody tide will be effectively against it, because the damage will be scale with the help of hand-to-hand combo meters.
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