How Artificial Intelligence Is inging The Pokemon Universe To Life Through Studio Ghibli-Style Animation

If there are two works that marked the childhood of many young people, they are definitely Pokémon and the various animations of Japanese studio Ghibli, responsible for works such as the trip of Chirico, my friend Motor, Monotone Him and others.
Surprising those who like each of these works, fans used an artificial intelligence tool to turn Pokémon monsters into creatures from the Studio Ghibli Hayes Miyazaki universe that is also encouraging, filmmaker, screenwriter and writer.
Check out how each Pokémon was transformed to this universe.

Pokémon in the world of Studio Ghibli

Poke Center

The Poke Center was exactly in the format of Puebla, an element that allows the coaches to capture their Pokémon.

The place already has the magic aura of the typical Studio Ghibli landscapes, which makes everything even more magical and charming.

Chameleon and Harvard

These fire and flying monsters were relatively similar to their original versions.


What did you think of the result, did AI do a good job?


The fighter and steel type Pokémon, Lucio, was similar to Jolt eon, but in a blue version.
Still, the image generated by artificial intelligence is quite beautiful and made the creature even more interesting.


The most beloved Pokémon of all, Pikachu, became more hairy in this version Studio Ghibli.
In addition, his tail looks quite cute, and he sits under his rear legs.


The article legendary bird became even more majestic and magnificent in this version that transported it directly to the world of Studio Ghibli.


This is certainly one of the favorite Pokémon of many people and was quite scary in his version generated by AI, which turned him into a kind of dragon or marine snake.


These two Pokémon became even more interesting by gaining plants with a lot of texture, which allows us to imagine how they would be in real life, with elements such as leaves, petals and moss.

Arcanine’s Studio Ghibli version created by AI made him more like a cat than a dog, but it’s still a beautiful image.


This classic Pokémon is very reminiscent of the countenance of an equine, but in this version Ghibli we can say that it was completely transformed into a mixture of horse with unicorn.
Who there liked?

Gen gar

One of the greatest representatives of ghost and poisonous Pokémon was simply scared in this Ghibli alternative.
Certainly you will have nightmares tonight.


The cute little Eve was very similar to an orange kitten in his Ghibli version created by AI.
What is your opinion about his look?

Jolt eon

The Jolt eon created by AI is very faithful to the original, but certainly sounds scarier, isn’t it?